June Amount

18 In 18 of June of the 1849, slave of Clement Benguella Nation, 19 purchase its freedom for the significant amount of four hundred a thousand paid kings the widower owner Maria Joaquina Garces whom in the same Letter it specifies that it is with the paid money for the slave and that this value will be deducted of its tera of the inventory so that its heirs are not wronged. would not be different, after all the mentioned amount is almost the half of a story of kings and for the time, given the local economic circumstances were a well considerable amount. Now in a reflection fits, as a slave collects is amount, is the question that we made in them. We assume exactly that the slave who has conquered the confidence of its gentlemen obtained work as day laborer exerting varied functions, that of this part of the profit obtains you to accumulate money to buy its freedom. The slave also did not have the duty of its maintenance, he was in charge of its gentlemen or where this if established to fulfill a hours of working. On the other hand he has the possibility, (that in our research not yet he was clearly) that he would be of part of this money to arrive the hands of the slave through Mr.

who contracted its work next to its Sir. For this slave this work could represent a microfreedom where its remuneration could conquer its emancipation. Thus the slave had more disposal to carry through its tasks, of this form despertava the interest of the contractor who already leasing this service saw the advantages of the free work. a time conquered to the gratitude of it I free this if he saw in obligation to serve this proprietor on new less penosas relations of work due to capacity of mobility of the alforriado individual.