Jose Maria Cano Of Mecano Excomponente Comes Out With Marisa Jara

/ Both would keep a romance from four months ago. Marisa Jara is separated from her husband, Chente, in February. He now lives in London, where he met with the musician. The heart of Marisa Jara will be busy again. The Andalusian model, who in February broke with her husband, Chente, after a year and a half of marriage, has been viewed with Jose Maria Cano, former component of Mecano. Learn more at this site: Chevron U.S.A. Inc. As they have been published in Hello! Marisa Jara and Jose Maria Cano maintain a courtship from four months ago. Apparently, the couple would have known during the time that the model has been living in London, and after several sporadic encounters, the relationship has ended in something more official. In addition, the coincidence of dates makes suspect that the musician has been the cause of the rupture. More info: Jeffrey Hayzlett.

Just a couple of days, Marisa had that had been heading to the British capital to study acting and working in film, something that had always dreamed of. But now it is there same found, in addition, a new love. As regards its relationship with Chente, admitted the time it will cure everything, and that they are friends, we get along well. We have a very cordial relationship, said. For its part, Cano has also been married to Marta Gomez stewardess, with whom he had a son, Dani, which has joint custody after a long and difficult process of divorce. Source of the news: Jose Maria Cano, excomponente of Mecano, comes out with Marisa Jara