Internet Explorer

The vocs majority must know the resource of estrelinhas of classification, is used normally below of the postagens so that the reader who does not like very to express what he found of post writing participates in one another way. Moreover design is legal and leaves the appearance of the part of the commentaries prettiest. For these reasons I decided to place the resource in the Infovaleouro but they had started there to appear probleminhas I started using tutorial a super ones explained well of what I followed pass-the-I pass and in the hour to see the result: IT SWIMS! It did not obtain to understand the reason, already she was super irritated and estrelinhas did not appear no way. It was there that I thought about the navigator my navigating standard I am Internet Explorer, then I decided to make a test: I installed the Google Chrome and when April the page, was estrelinhas there. Therefore personal, if not to give certain vocs will have followed pass-the-I pass correctly of the tutorial one, xingue who did not make the tutorial one, the problem can be in its navigator! Who already had the same problem and tested other navigators leave a message of which were its experience.