Inexorably Scriptures

And as they did not approve to consider to God, he gave them to God to a reprobated mind, to make things that not convienen” (Ro 1,26-28) Inexorably ” The payment of its sin is muerte” (Ro 6.23). In. ” (2 Corintios 6:9 – 10) ” 9 You do not know that the unjust ones will not inherit the kingdom of God? You are not mistaken; neither the fornicarios, nor the idolaters, nor the adulterers, NOR the MADE EFFEMINATE ones, NOR THOSE THAT LIE DOWN WITH MEN, 10 neither the thieves, nor the avaricious ones, nor the drunkards, nor the maldicientes, nor the swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. And if they on the matter want an appointment on the ONLY possible marriage of mouth of the very same Jesus, they have here it: In Mateo 19:4 – 6: , responding, said to them: You have not read that the one did that them at the outset, MAN AND DID THEM to FEMALE, and said: By this the MAN will leave to father and mother, and HE WILL BE UNITED TO HIS WIFE, and both they will be a single meat? So they are not already more two, but a single meat; therefore, which God joined, it does not separate the man. Here there are no parabolas neither double interpretation, nor doubtful meaning, are or clear and restrictive. Being thus, these turning aside not only practice and defend these aberrant customs but also that change Scriptures, but, already the Pedro apostle had said to it does almost two thousand years: II Pedro 3:16 Almost in all epistles, speaking in them of these things; between which there are some difficult ones to understand, which the indoctos and fickle they twist, like also the other Scriptures, for perdicin of themselves. Most serious it is not than the servants of Satan change, weaken and lie on the Sagradas Scriptures, most serious is than before these fact the Church pernanece anaesthetised guaranteeing with their passivity things like these still supported by mouth of some priests, when he would have to leave ” sword in mano” to face that destructive aberration of the family, it bases fundamental of a Christian society.