Indian Paradise

Lust – a country where there is a special Wishing Tree, raised in a cult – it is a "paradise" where possible to implement the most unimaginable desires. When they are in close proximity to this tree, all desires, thoughts and idea come true. Very fast and without any lag are realized dreams and thoughts, zagadannye seconds earlier. (Online source of this parable, there are other stories: The story of the hungry cat cheburek, bald burglar) Viator, tired and spent all the force, lay near a tree and fell asleep under it. As a dream has passed, people came to his senses, experiencing the true feeling of hunger, and gave up thinking: – Well it would be Now eat! Yes. That's where the same food come from? Dish appeared by themselves – not the person had an eye blink. And the food was delicious, and hot and hearty – what more can wish! Food is so luring a man, and he fully devoted himself to her that he did not wrestle, where she appeared before him. Human eyes sparkled at the sight of appetizing food, so he started eating it right away Having eaten enough, the man decided to explore what is nearby, and looked around.

What else to think about when "so" good! But the desire of another kind has already managed to shoot a man's head:-Thirst for me, or what? Have a drink Paradise is a paradise – as well as wine and food appeared as if out of thin air. A cool breeze blew over the man who lay in the shade under a tree, drinking fine wine and pondered over what is happening to him: – What caused this? Can I do it fancies? And if it's someone's antics, well, for example, ghosts? Ghosts were not long in coming. Fantasy painted in the mind of the hero's scary ghosts – those before him, and they were. Of fear in the man's head came to the following thoughts: "These ghosts want to kill me! Thought as always proved to be financially!