Inca Mendoza

The tourism in Mendoza keeps a rich historical patrimony, where it is possible to be internalised on like was the life at the time of the colony, before constituting itself in Repbica. The zone also was inhabited by pre-Columbian original tribes, being the nation Inca one of these cultures that they settled down throughout the South-American continent. Without doubt, this culture moulding the personality of Latin America, imposing its style until today. Been born from the culture aymara, its dominion settled down from Ecuador to Chile and Argentina, practically throughout the mountain range of the $andes. In its map course to flee from the Spanish domination, the famous route of the Inca was generated. This town also happened through Mendoza, by a region located near the river the Caves.

Exactly, in that site the erosion of defrosting has created capricious forms, among them what it would seem to be a bridge that crosses the mentioned river. This natural bridge is known like Bridge of the Inca. The same is to 2700 ms on the level of the sea, between hills North little flag and South Little flag. To only 183 they separate it km of the city of Mendoza, and one is very near an international step with Chile. The Bridge of the Inca is the main entrance to the Provincial Park Aconcagua. The natural beauty of this place is really impressive. The bridge on purpose seems to have installed to about 27 ms on the river, although in fact it is a hollow that the passage of mineralized waters has left on the alive rock.

The zone is rich in minerals, reason why the stalactites abound, and the stones and rocks of the place are of overwhelming colors. In the place there is a thermal water spa, the one that, according to the connoisseurs, is one of the sanadores sites of the world due to the intense mineral concentration of waters, since the same help to fight bony ailments, rejuvenecen the skin, decontaminates and is beneficial highly for stress. The favorable effect on the human health widely is recognized by the doctors of all the specialties. The place enjoys a special microclimate, with very little annual precipitation. The winter is very cold, but the summer is very warm. The locality of Bridge of the Inca only has 132 inhabitants, great part of which is the military destined to watch the trasandino step. Without doubt, who wishes to spend vacations unforgettable in Mendoza, it cannot stop visiting this fantastic and mythical place.