In Los Angeles

I remember that ten years ago my friends smoking newly emigrated to New York City they had to choose between returning to Mexico to smoking as chacuacos or adapt to dispense with cigar in enclosed public places, on penalty of winning a ticket or a fine in the best of cases. In Los Angeles, the relevant law is not less hard, because I’ve had the fortune to rent apartments where simply smoking is prohibited throughout the building and know that I am the envy of a friend Mexico that is fed up with its neighbor to smoke as alienated while the toxic smoke enters the window of my friend and she can not sue him because he is in inside your home; but she constantly presents pictures of respiratory allergies. Thus, the reform of the non-smokers health protection act is just a chiquitito step for respect for the human rights of those who we do not smoke, but I still have my doubts about if indeed the law applies without concessions (from December, according to the legislative provision): what if called to a police officer and smoker gives him a cigarette to make it blind eye? AND DO What, if the restaurateurs give bribes so that their customers continue smoking, to the detriment of attention for non-smokers? While tobacco companies make their struggle by corrupt Mexican legislators, visionary entrepreneurs can already go plotting businesses that promote spaces for nonsmokers and they will discover that it is a large vein of income and business success. 2007 all rights reserved. To read more click here: Rod Brooks. Authorized the total reproduction of the contents as well as its public dissemination for non-profit purposes provided you cite the author and source.