The big three are Monster, CareerBuilder, and HotJobs. Start with these three and then start posting on sites smaller and more local. A word of warning about the publication websites. If your search is confidential, only your name and last initial in the curriculum vitae and a list of your current company as “Company Confidential.” Do not be afraid to do this, the recruiters see it all the time and are able to collect the experience of the industries and titles that you list. Implement these five tips and you begin to see a big difference in your search employment. These are the things that scouts do every day to earn a living. They work only if you’re willing to try new things. I know some of you are saying yourself aa “I do not think I can do these things,” or “It sounds a little scary to me.” If your stomach is a little dizzy the first time that cold calling a human resources director to launch their credentials, you’re like all the other scouts in his first year on the job.

I’ll tell you a closely guarded secret however, that never feels completely gone. The only difference between hunters and the top dog that can not be cut to the dogs that are up to acknowledge his fear that the phone, consider the consequences of giving in to that fear, and overcome every day. Roger Ailes says in his book, “You are the message.” “It is a mental process to overcome stage fright. You say, ‘I have the right to be here. What I have to say that it is of value to this audience. I am an authority on this issue.” Ailes will saying: “Interestingly, the value is not absence of fear. This is the action in the presence of fear.” If you’re willing to take action, despite her fear of doing some new things, are well on your way to find your next great opportunity.

Mike Nacke is a speaker, author and consultant to business owners, managers and recruiters. a l has helped companies save millions of dollars by developing unique hiring processes that turn hiring into a measurable science. His clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.