Historical Features

Ever since man began to use the front door, which appeared originally as a means to protect your home from uninvited guests and the weather conditions, their construction and design constantly changed and improved. In different time epochs various architectural styles and trends are reflected in the design of doors. What is known about the design and construction of doors, from the earliest times? The earliest mention of doors find their place in the images of Egyptian tombs. On such images, single-or double doors made of wood. In the dry Egyptian climate was no danger that the wooden doors offended. Elsewhere, however, was the need to frame doors in the framework that has been done using so-called vertical and horizontal bars trim. Vertical bars door trim performed vertical boards, one of which was connected pivotally and was known as tying hinged beam, and the other as a convergent beam trim. Horizontal beams counter called – top, bottom or middle horizontal timbers trim.

The most ancient doors were made of wood. The doors of the temple of Solomon, for example, were made of olive wood, carving, and had the gold plating. All ancient doors were fastened the pins at the top or bottom mounted Strapping timber. They are inserted in the holes and turned the door lintel and threshold, respectively. The latter is most often carried out in solid rock such as granite or basalt. Connectors spikes in the gate Balavate (Assyria) were grandly decorated with bronze. Now, these doors are in the British Museum.