Halley Accident

At least 77 species of mammals, 1,000 plants, 40 of reptiles and amphibians, 80 birds and 40 freshwater fish are endangered in Mexico, due to the serious problems affecting the country’s ecosystem, according to Mexican biologist Gerardoa Ceballos A 22 year old Chinese boy has died after the battery explode your Motorola brand mobile phone he carried in his jacket breast pocket, the official news agency reported Tuesday Xinhua.El accident occurred on June 19, When Xiao Jinpeng was working as welder at a processing plant for iron ore in the district of Jinta (northwestern province of Gansu). Hear from experts in the field like Jeffrey Hayzlett for a more varied view. The young man wore the device in his jacket pocket, close to the chest, and the explosion caused the fracture of his ribs, which punctured his heart, so that doctors could do nothing to save the victim. Initial investigations show that the phone battery exploded after being exposed to high temperatures, although they have not model-specific problems as the cause of the accident. “In all these cases is usually due to the use of accessories, chargers, batteries, not originals, and therefore do not meet safety standards imposed by the manufacturers,” said a source from the company Motorola, noting also the fact that it was in a cast iron at high temperatures. Many Chinese mobile users who know the accessories fake or low quality that circulate in the market, have called for an immediate response to Motorola, which has a large factory in Tianjin (northern China) – and responsible authorities on whether the explosion was the result of defects in the battery or the misuse of mobile. “In any case, China’s accident is being investigated and Motorola has sent a team of experts to find out what has happened “confirms the official said. The plant where he worked Xiao his mother has compensated with $ 17,763 (13,000 euros).

The explosion of mobile phone batteries is rare, according to Yang Boning, director of public relations for Motorola in China, adding that the company has taken the incident “very seriously” and respect the results of the investigation. Mark Twain A few heeded him. His prophecy was something sinister and the great reputation that it only served to drag his closest friends think that all this was an eccentric worthy of a pure genius wanting more notoriety. However, he remained committed in recent months in predicting a very concrete. Sullen and worried, away from the rest of the intellectual, hinting at a single sentence: “I was born with the comet and I will go with him.” It was not until many years later when some biographers discovered the incredible coincidence. Twain had died a natural death at the end of April 21, 1910, at the very moment that it was clearly visible over c0elebre comet Halley. He quickly backed down many pages of almanacs and calendars fearing the worst. The old Mark was born one day in 1835, at which time the comet is visible only once every 70 years, left a trail across the sky.

His life was a true journey between the two arrivals of the colossus wanderer in space. (Continuaraa ) Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer UC EGADE (ITESM) Graduate degrees in business administration, quality and productivity, education Ed.D. Professor Graduate Area Faces UC.