After the Summit of the North in Young Guanatos Galician The things will follow equal or worse and Mexico will have to fight by a radical change to leave the poverty and the hunger. Pedro Echeverria V. Obama and Harper came, they were and they went away letting to Caldern whistling on the brink of madness a opposite triple that is the TLC, the migratory reform and the drug trafficking, having accept the Mexican president to respect the human rights when the army enters into the combat to the drug trafficking, and why not in one go in stopping criminalizing social movements, but when the Mere Heads of the North, that are not the Tigers of the North, come, they are, they command and they go away of the country in shades that is Mexico, the transparency and the credibility of the Government of the Republic, tend to fall back and to lock in themselves in the decisions of a Bakery that the Nava young person will have to learn confectioner’s with the arsenal of Elbe Esther and the Chucho de Jesus. If the things follow equal in peorvenir, the misfortune that is the neighbor of the tragedy still they contain by the soccer triunfalismo of to him to have gained to the USA the Gold Glass, which is still and to become an evidence: the joy is taken to the Angel of Independence, and the sadness is vomited and dragged below the tables in the restaurants, bars, caverns and bars, not finishing gathering to the executed ones, beheading and kidnapped when we began again to do the reconteo of a patriotero nationalism that patrols with commandos of sicarios, squads of soldiers and games of judicial and police by the peripheries and downtown, distributing drugs and arms to the retail and the mayoreo. Too many far from to compare to us with Iraq, Colombia is not more than the equidistance of a military strategy and tactics where the narcotics trafficker and the terrorist begin to have a configuration of probable enemies for the USA, when of military bases and commandos from north-Mexico, the center-Honduras and south-Colombia, unfold. .