Gloria Moore

You are still alive and well, as usual. Sun, sky, street, car … Frankly, a lot of you have seen and which went bankrupt REALLY the world because of the crisis of people? Have not heard, and seen? There are those among you know? How many closed shops and businesses? You got to bread and water? Be realistic. Live NOW. Solve problems as they come. Now you have all more or less normally, there are only a temporary difficulty. Here it is, plus crisis – you learn to overcome difficulties.

Rallied the family, checked on the strength of the relationship of friends and family … It’s worth it. Situation Three. “I shaky creature, or the right to have?” As is usual in times of “Parts of the world”, many of whom have already gone through humanity, the crisis has caused a surge of interest in the community for spirituality. Staying in the eternal hustle and bustle, seeing how the familiar crumbles, people began to think about things more important, than accumulating in the account. Very important advantage of the crisis – is that it forces us to separate the wheat from the chaff, the importance of the unimportant … it makes us think, feel and see the world through new eyes, take off the blinders usual, to see those lives next door to a new way.

Mankind has always feared change … But honestly, without change there would be no humanity. And lastly a wise parable. – Father, I’m tired, I had such a hard life, such difficulties and problems, I I swim against the current time, I have more energy … What should I do? His father, instead of answering set on fire three identical pots with water, threw in a carrot, an egg laid in another and a third poured coffee beans. After a while he pulled out of the water the carrots and eggs and poured into a cup of coffee from the three pans. – What has changed? – He asked his daughter. – Egg and carrots cooked, and coffee beans were dissolved in the water – she said. – No, my daughter is only a superficial view of things. Look – hard carrots, having been in boiling water, soft and supple. Brittle and liquid egg was hard. Externally, they have not changed, they only changed their structure under the influence of the same adversity – boiling water. So people – strong externally can paste up and become weaklings, where the fragile and delicate but harden and become stronger … – A coffee? – Asked his daughter – Oh! This is the fun! … Coffee beans completely dissolved in the new hostile environment and changed it – turned the hot water in a great flavored drink. There are special people that do not change the circumstances – they change their own circumstances and turn them into something new and beautiful, making use of knowledge and of the situation … I want you to be just “coffee beans”. And then you will be no crisis is not terrible.