Food Labeling

Food labelling tends to be a very important aspect, since it means the main means of communication between producers of the respective food and the final consumer. Nutritional labelling is not only considered the physical, if not even label also, information that is used in the sale or marketing of food. Labelling standards vary between countries, i.e. are strictly subject to each country’s own food law, while there are international organizations, such as FAO, which seeks to harmonize a set of good practices that provides guidance common to the Governments of the countries to establish regulations. This set of rules, do not apply equally to all products, since some of them, for example those with alcohol content or genetically modified food, accounts with different regulations. Labelling is considered to any document, whether printed, written or graphic, containing the food label with the nutritional information in this. This tag corresponds to the information on the article that accompanies it or that is exposed about during your sale. And in this way take advantage of labelling to improve your business..