Federal Constitution

As it establishes the Federal Constitution, ' ' all have right to the environment ecologically balanced, public easement of the people and essential to the healthy quality of life, imposing themselves it the Public Power and to the collective the duty to defend it and to preserve it for the future gifts and geraes' ' (cf. art. 225, ' ' caput' '). The ambient degradation caused by industries was reality in the past is still lasts in the gift. The situation is chaotic, a time that what it is useful the source of income for some is unemployment for others. However, with common-sense and good will the profitability can and must be conciliated to a sustainable and inhabitable world. The pollution of hidrogrficas basins for industries has times comes being subject of debates and quarrels between the most varied social communities scientific, economic, politics and. It is a complex question that demands deep analyses and conscientious attitudes, taking in consideration everything and all that are involved direct or indirectly in situation, either of regional, national, continental or global scale. Companies and industries that lead its activities in disharmony and disrespect to the Environment and the laws – in special the labor law, in regards to Health and Medicine of the Work and the Ambient one, with respect to effluent, pollution of rivers and sources -, deserve punishment, being best of them the indifference of the consumer stops with the products offered for companies and unscrupulous industries.