Environment Cellular

A surprising number of people possesss and uses cellular telephones, with the current numbers totalizing 800 million users in the world all. The cellular telephone became something important in the day the day, and speeds businesses and chances of trips, while it allows communication through the globe. However, the high numbers of users of cellular telephones are citizens the trends and changes for a number of reasons that include better resources of the devices, models and accessories. This means that the improvements are a regular occurrence, with each telephone being used for a period that goes approximately of 12 to the 18 months. This means that it has much wastefulness of cellular telephone. Many users of cellular telephones are not cliente of the damages to the environment that the incorrect elimination of telephones can cause. The incorrect elimination means to play except any cellular one, that it is the typical way of if exempting more of a not desired telephone.

However, the components inside of the cellular telephone they can have a terrible impact in the environment and thus they need to be discarded a special way. All the cellular telephones contain metals that are not degraded in the environment. Also they contain metals that if become toxics during a period of time. For example, the cadmium that is present in a cellular telephone is significant the sufficient one to cause damages in small doses. It is the seventh conhecidamente more harmful chemical product, and can cause cancer. The cellular telephones also contain lead that cause damages to the liver in the adults and neurological problems of the development in the children when they enter in the sanguineous circulation. Other dangerous substances as nickel and mercury present an additional reason of concern. If they will not be eliminated correctly, the metals of the cellular telephones can penetrate in the environment with the corrosion and cause a series of ambient problems.