Recently in Spain unit of Tecnalia construction and its scientific unit take one step further towards sustainability in terms of sustainable development. They have developed a new generation of environmentally friendly cements with environmental permitting to reduce up to a 100% direct emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. The construction sector creates green with the first cement based on recycled materials. An advance not inconsiderable, since 5% of total global CO2 emissions come from the cement industry. Taking into account this figure, with which only in 2010 is estimated that nearly 800 million tons of solid waste from thermal power stations, of which 50% will go to stop to the landfill, occur the scientists studied the way to reduce this pollution and sought a second life of these residues. It’s a substantial change in the development of cements, that nanomaterials in Tecnalia construction group has replaced the limestone as a matter raw material for these solid wastes from power plants thermal, additionally ensenandos as recycle. With this ecological cement is produced a revolution in the model of current production, which will significantly contribute to energy saving on the one hand and to mitigate the adverse effects for the environment resulting from the construction on the other hand. Reuse, saving energy, recycling thanks to this innovative technique of production has reached four major objectives of protection of the environment: – carry out effective management of waste through material recycling – contribute to the preservation of the natural resources of the planet – avoid direct emission of GHG to the atmosphere, through the Elimination of the calcination of raw – approximately a 50% energy saving in the process demand synthesis of cement how to produce cement until now was based on the calcination of limestone, resulting in the overexploitation of a non-renewable natural resource and the issuance of massive quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere as a result giving an increase in the level of global warming.

In this process of synthesis of cement implies a high consumption of energy, which, according to the source of energy used, an additional increase of pollutant emissions. Using eco cement and building, wherever possible with the so-called ecological wood, bamboo, we will be in harmony with the environment. This project falls within the objective of Tecnalia contribute with the development of innovative technology to an economy based on sustainable development.