Eddy Martinez

It is truly an immense good fortune, have been able to accompany with my guitar, Charles Pena and his sentence a tremendous singer how was it Eddy Martinez (Guillermo Bedoya Martinez) but why say, an immense good fortune? Because you can count on the fingers of one hand to artists of the stature of Eddy. Artist with qualities, that very few of them have today. Lord of Lords, a gentleman to full letter, a privileged voice timbre, unsurpassed interpretative force and above all an amical spirit, that differed it from the other characters of Peruvian criollismo. Eddy always came half an hour before their presentation to the penalty and while the Orchestra accompanies with another artist, he, in the dressing room was preparing to warm up the voice. Then the animator featured it ladies and gentlemen, with you: Eddy Martinez Orchestra (in which I played the electronic bass) began with the introduction of the bolero Maria O Eddy to her appearance on the stage of the penalty and the public He applauded with great force.

Between songs send a chistecito or tell an anecdote of his professional life liked Eddy. One of the anecdote that had much grace was as follows: (words of Eddy):-I remember that when he sang on a stage in the country of Mexico, asked me: Hey chaparrito, sing the waltz of the machine gun and I asked them and what is that? They told me: I want to listen the image of my soul that loves you and loves you like adventure that no one has enjoyed Eddy never uttered any joke with rudeness as tends to happen frequently with other artists, and that they supposedly have to cause grace the respect the public for him, was the most important thing. With many Finnish told the joke which read as follows: A newly married couple going to the doctor and asked, what kind of contraception should take, to which the doctor replies them: an Apple daily.