Because the flamenco one is nourished inextinguishablely of the tragic substance of the town, its festive root, its loving desire, its air and its ground, and in him, therefore, it also plans of inextinguishable way the memory of that town. It is his testimony. Reason why, if it is known to beat correctly, of him we will be able to unravel those connections that have made it exactly possible. That is to say, we will see we will hear to the own town singing itself to itself, or, at least, to part of him. Beyond if gypsy or no, popular or is popularized, the flamenco one Andalusian is a something and as so he must be understood. She is another one of the forms in which the town Andalusian, through him, speaks to him to the town, being perpetuated to itself. He is, we say, one of the bows that we could use to unite to the diverse cultures that, without being mistaken, we could call Andalusian. 1. Flamenco, marking cultural the specific one of a town: Andalusia 1,1 Inaugural geography of sings jondo Before framing the flamenco one like cultural product in determined geographical coordinateses that they will serve, more than like objective test, datum point, it seems advisable to try to define that one, without avoiding the difficulty that supposes, that it is understood by flamenco. two types of fundamental theories can be distinguished except for they conceive which it like an elitist creation and soon popularized, made town and which we will more ahead see and those others of hebraico character or islamist around the origin and to the nature of the flamenco one, that is to say, those that defend that it constitutes a gypsy phenomenon, born in such colectivity, and those others that they consider that Andalusian is a fact essentially, result of the cultural fusion of the diverse and successive cultures Andalusian.