Consumer Environment

Badly the inhabitants of our ship Land had begun the internalizao of the serious earthquake followed of tsunami in Japan in 2011, that she cut with a scythe thousand of lives and she caused huge economic damages to the country, of difficult mensurao and that certainly will produce important impact global, had started the protests against the use of nuclear energy, notadamente in the Europe, continent that the majority of the nuclear plants of the whole world concentrates. The fear of the risk provoked for this type of energy, despite used emerges one more time for pacific ends, which is, the production of electric energy. It argued with a colleague on the subject and this pondered that the nuclear energy was a good energy. I asked if it ignored the risks of this type of energy: he answered that not, but that it was important for all we. I asked then if little nuclear plants would represent little risks for the humanity: it answered that yes. After that, I amended: if we reduced our consumption, would not be necessary little nuclear plants? My colleague agreed that yes, even so complaining that we would not need to come back to the age of the rock. I believe that not, I answered, therefore we necessarily do not need to abdicate all of the comfort that we conquer with the civilizatrio process, especially those really essential ones. However, unsatisfied, I pointed with respect to the elevator that we waited has some time in 11 to walk, spending part of our precious one well that it is the time. proper it immediately remembered, without I used any word, the nonsense that was healthful young people to take the elevator to go up or to go down of as or the first one walking to the trreo and vice versa, as we observed current in that building in which we work, provoking delays it goes up in it and it goes down daily of all the collective, size the abuse of the calls, retenes and enter of it and leave the elevators.