Clement Cayrol

As for the second group of signs, – those that involve Visuality from scenic design-, allow recreation of a masterfully worked spectacle from the most modern technical resources, with a language clearly minimalist and conceptualist, where the scenery is minimal and is signicamente pointed to by geometric structures consisting of cubic forms located on the sides of the stage- forming the legs and the space of representation-streets, using a monochrome color, in them-all experienced from the different nuances of the white-pointing the totalizing idea, and while divergent of the leiv motiv of the work: the apology to life. Lights design, worked for Clement Cayrol, provides and emphasizes the dramatic atmosphere at each time elucidario of the work, qualifying the different scenes from the use of the – universal – symbolism of the color, supporting every passage of the work use signico of a set of codes that illustrate the scene, and that striking visual and dramatically to the beneficiarywho receives them consciously and you can easily decode them over the choreography. Used colors are mostly about the range of colds, especially in tones of blue, although at certain times a revelatory warmth of the dramatic essence outlined by the choreographer is achieved. The costumes, extravagant and erotic, is Gianni Versace and part of the same minimalist budgets than the scenery, working from the ambivalence and complementarity of the white and black, as signs that make up a particular code that emits signals preset and preentendidas by the beneficiary – the same thing happens with the scenery, but on a scale more meaningful, because it is who is responsible for directly – together with the makeup and hair – express the psychology of the character-, using signs that articulate the intertextual message Visuality and his poetic function, from the interrelation of meaning that is set with the chain of signifiers, especially to concerning the character already outlined earlier, – death-, with the symbolic use of black as a meaning implicit in several categories of representation: the negro:mortal/dark/ominous/evil/you/unknown/painful/infernal escalofrian, and white: pure/perfect/bright/cheerful/serene/eq uilibrado/unscathed/immortal/live/pristine, OJ nde the reference is immediate and refers to symbols ensures through the history of culture, especially in the West, although the significance of these icons white/black, is also recurrent in cultures without European ancestry, such as the Asian, African and primitive cultures of America.