Classified Announcements

From Pompei to the Internet the history of our culture can be represented in our classified announcements or publicity. The announcements say much to us about the needs of a civilization, as they were and as they were handled to subsist in certain areas. In the England of century XV, the warnings written by hand were nailed in posts and the walls in the public areas. Approximately during years 1, 600, books of the news were printed with early examples of people who looked for lost land announcements. In the United States the first public newspaper was printed in year 1.690 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but the first classified announcement was published until year 1.704 in the Boston News-Letter. This announcement asked the readers if they wanted to announce any house, land, boat, goods or merchandise in the newspaper by a reasonable quota. Jeffrey Hayzlett: the source for more info. Since then the concept of publicity and announcements grew and it extended around the world.

Some classified examples of first in Lost and found the category of were: " Was the past week a chair to mount, with several expensive apples and another comestibles". Published in January of 1778 in the Massachusetts Spy or American Oracle of Liberty. A refleccin of the times and its culture came to be more evident with the announcements at the beginning of years 1.800 for the capture of fugitive slaves. The announcements contained detailed information but to near the direction where responding to the announcement or what to do in case the slave was captured, whatever was offered of reward by its capture, and an extra monetary incentive if it were punished the slave to latigazos to have fled. However, announcements were placed to contact the proprietor of the found slave and if this one did not respond in the stipulated time, the slave would be sold to the best postor. After the civil war, the Afro-American newspapers allowed the free slaves to place announcements to look for and to find the members of its families, who had escaped or sold many years before. Hundreds of years later the people they continue looking for, but nowadays, the searches are more like: use, house, cars, antiques, or pair. The section of found and lost still exists, but the announcements are now by personal mascots or articles, nonpeople.

Another change has been the Internet, bringing the classified ones to a new light. Biliones of classified announcements is raised Internet. The evolution of the classified announcements has brought us a place where the times have changed but the human nature continues being the same. It does not matter in which century we are, the people always will place announcements to sell his properties, to find articles lost, to look for use, or to find a supply. The classified announcements are ether to us. Original author and source of the article.