China Mining

After the accession to the WTO, the opening up of domestic economic and trade becomes deeper and deeper and the domestic enterprises are seeking development at abroad.In the past, China s mining machinery industry production barely meet the demand of the domestic market, export abroad can not be achieved in the quantity and quality standards. With the development of China s mining machinery industry, manufacturing technology becomes more advanced and the quality of products is constantly improved. That the mining machinery products (dryer machine) in China go out of the country has become a reality. Europe and the United States and other capitalist countries suffer a huge blow from the financial crisis and the economy is in downturn, which makes the market demand for mining machinery (sand waher, impact crushing machine) is not high. China has maintained steady economic development trend. As china has entered the 12th Five-Year Plan stage, the mining machinery industry will usher in a period of rapid development after experienceing a market downturn and many other tests.For a long time, the technology of foreign enterprises is far advanced than that of domestic mining machinery manufacturing industry and the products produced are only the low-end products, which can not meet the demand for the high-end machinery and equipment of the developed countries in Europe and America. Moreover, the foreign companies have invested and built factories in China, sharing the abundant work resources and the low wages with Chinese enterprises.Therefore, the price advantage in international competition of the mining machinery industry is gradually reduced domestic market. The product produced by domestic mining machinery manufacturing enterprises would be difficult to win the international market.The another way to go abroad for Chinese enterprises is to purchase the foreign enterprises in recent years. The mergers and acquisitions of foreign enterprises not only can make use of the existing market channels of foreign enterprises to open up market channels for our products to enter the foreign market, but also can integrate advanced manufacturing technology to improve the technology of domestic mining machinery industry.