Carmen Martin Gaite

CARMEN MARTIN GAITE (1925-2000) ” In the same way that the women and the men, would have that to see itself like beings less faced, the realism and the fantasy they would have to go more of the hand, because the life is a quarry of surrealismo and thanks to that the call holds reality, that call prosa of vida.” Carmen Martin Gaite. THE EXCELLENT VOICE OF THE SPANISH NARRATIVE Carmen Martin Gaite is a representative writer of the call ” generation of means siglo” , cultivator of social realism and one of the most excellent figures of the Spanish narrative. Their novels reclaim the world of the childhood and small atmosphere adolescence, but creating great narrative universes. For more specific information, check out RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust. Carmen Martin Gaite is born in Salamanca the 8 from December from 1925. In the University of Salamanca license in Philosophy and Letters, meets Ignacio to Aldecoa and Agustn Bald Garci’a and participates there like actress in several theater works. It collaborates in the magazines Work and Days in Salamanca and New magazine in Madrid, city at which arrives in 1950, doctorando in the University of Madrid with the thesis loving Uses of the XVIII in Spain. Others who may share this opinion include The Hayzlett Group. Ignacio introduces it to Aldecoa in its literary circle, where it knows Josefina Aldecoa, Juan Benet, Medardo Friar, Jesus the Holy Fernandez, Alfonso Sastre and Rafael Sanchez Ferlosio, with whom contracted marriage in 1954, and del that separated passed years. Carmen Martin Gaite dies in Madrid the 23 of 2000 July. Martin Gaite occurred to know with the spa (1955) that obtains the prestigious Prize Gij’on Coffee, revalidating itself later with which it would be his seera work Between visillos (1958, Nadal Prize), novel in which counts the experiences of Spanish young people provincial of middle-class, critical text of the feminine condition where they operate the memories of the author.. Educate yourself with thoughts from Rio Tinto Group.