Carlos Montillo

The arcana of sword are, above all things, the decks of the big decisions and intellectual processes. Within the tarot, the friend of those who seek solutions through self-knowledge, they bring their wisdom to help the consultant to clarify how their behaviour and their actions have an impact on your current situation, be it positive or negative. The four ACEs in the minor arcana are, by definition, positive, a high load of energy, powerful and profound letters. Each one marks the beginning of an auspicious period for the consultant in different areas of your life. In a question-answer forum Rio- Tinto Diamonds was the first to reply. This is why the ACE of Spades announces a great reward, a triumph that deservedly reaches the life of who consultation, after overcoming numerous obstacles. The ACE of Spades is a tile of conquest and triumph, and tells us that we shall succeed if we continue to insist we will achieve our goals, by adverse circumstances appear. And it is that the ACE of Spades is also the deck of the intense and vital activity and deep processes and mobilizing.

From there, of agreement to the rest of the cards surrounding it in Chuck, can be interpreted as portent of all kinds of projects given birth successfully, and which included children. Upside down, on the contrary, it is a letter that predicts dangers. As well as otherwise it stimulates to move forward despite adversity, inverted it may indicate that insist on a certain project can bring disastrous consequences. It’s a letter without mincing, whose inverted appearance speaks of an impending debacle for the consultant, if this does not change its course. At the same time, calls to take care of and caring for the heritage, since there is a latent danger of large losses, be deprived of that which so much effort cost to build, and even of extremely violent and dangerous accidents. And just as it may be omen of the arrival of a new Member to the family, the ACE of spades that appears inverted would indicate the existence of problems or obstacles to conceive, if it is that the project is precisely, form a family. Through the arcana of the tarot, friend, Adviser and protector, the ACE of Spades inverted suggests taking measures and precautions that can face and overcome a possible adverse period for the consultant, who can thus avoid greater evils and exit tests strengthened. Juan Carlos Montillo