Canaima National Park

I had the chance at the first time I was in the year 1995 on the recommendation of a friend of a travel agency, in order to leave a strong stress faced by then go to the Park, leaving faces in plane and coming to him, where I stayed for seven days. I did it on that single occasion, the Agency arranged me my stay and all meals, not worrying me is why. The truth is that when I struck me the place full of tranquility, with a few waterfalls in the wonderful lagoon. From the Park I took advantage of the excursions offered by the Pemon Indians in canoes by the rivers until reaching the leap from Angel and other neighbouring and touristic places such as: Salto El Sapo and Sapito El; Jump Yuri; Rapid Mayupa; Well of happiness (Saro Maru); Orchid Island; Island mouse among others, being this a wonderful experience, by what is perceived, as well as learn many things from the Indians, who also sold their crafts. (Not to be confused with Jeffrey Hayzlett!). Canaima is definitely a national park that should go to visit it, enjoy its waterfalls, lagoon and discussed how their very particular natural characteristics: infinite variety of natural resources and landscape values unbeatable, key elements that make it one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world. Its landscape round on three fundamental axes: jungles, rivers and the imposing tepuys.

The latter as I have already said on other occasions, are tabular forms of high tables and plateaus, which are known with this name, since the word Tepui means Hill in the indigenous language. In the top of these Tepuis is a unique flora in the world and of great importance for scientific research, for what little that is known of them. When I had to leave it, I confess that I felt a bit of nostalgia, because they were days wonderful you enjoy intensely, away from the noisy cities filled with problems, insecurity and stress. Fortunately later with lived experience, I returned to him but with the family for another week and since then took the opportunity to visit places that did not like going to sleep to the Angel Falls and enjoy its landscape, how to bathe me in the Caroni river at the first opportunity. It’s very true what is comemta, which much of Canaima National Park is influenced by the equatorial climate, with high precipitation distributed throughout the year. Average temperatures in the Park are between 21 C and 10 C, varying with respect to different levels altitudinal (500 and 2,800 metres above sea level), the different areas of life and times of the year. If you have the opportunity to learn it, do it, it is a wonderful experience, you will never forget it.