Call Center

At this time of creation of continuous mutual value, the technology also allows that the customers initiate the communication, or answers with messages the received messages (GORDON, 1998). f) To understand concepts of personalization and customizao Gordon (1998) detaches that customizao interacts, constantly, with the customer to create value. Already the personalization, the salient author who is the process that allows that the communication, the product and the services carry the name of the customer, when adding value for it, the measure that they locate themselves with the others. CMO of PEMCO may also support this cause. One notices that to customizar it is more than what, simply, to personalize, however, the personalized attendance when he is linked to the customizao still more becomes efficient, therefore, according to Gordon (1998), when the customizao is combined with the personalization, there yes, it is that a distinguishing Real is had. 3,2 STRATEGICAL TOOLS OF MARKETING OF RELATIONSHIP From the reading of the workmanship of Gordon (1998), perceived that beyond the aimings the calls exist strategical tools of relationship marketing that make to keep and to grow the quarrels on the importance of the relationship of the company with the customer, as described to follow.

) Telemarketing and Call Center the services of telemarketing and call to center they have the same objectives, that is, attendance personalized to the customer. Generally, it is used as tool the Service of Attendance to Customer – SAC exactly, to reach this personalization in the attendance for telephone to the customer. It is perceived that telemarketing and call to center is efficient, depending on the good choice of the operators, a good training and incentives of performance, therefore, ' ' for that to opt to a proper operation of telemarketing, is necessary to stand out that it is not only treated to place a salesman well-succeeded to telefone' ' (STONE, 1992, P. 283), a qualification for this position is necessary.