So, why fret me against the weaknesses, when each one of them turns into the gymnasium of the soul, in which me God and I can convert every weakness in a fortress, every Vice into a virtue, each a quality defect. This is the dual nature of the universe, by the principle of polarization, decided to the extent to be of the same scale of things. Between the heat and the cold, there is only a difference of degree. In where it starts cold and where heat starts, it is only question of a small difference in degrees. Weaknesses subject is somewhat common, there is no human being who can proclaim perfect, and if you so find one, because maybe he already left of human being and went on to the next level of the evolutionary scale. You may find that David Long can contribute to your knowledge. Regarding to the human, there can be nothing perfect.

Like Blavatsky she said at the time no one knows its moral force until it is put to the test. Why boast of being perfect, if maybe it has not been put to the fire and tested its true purity. As well as the gold is put on fire to remove its impurities, likewise happens with men, as I’ve always said, we are all in a process of constant self-improvement, life puts us to the test, is pushing us to be better. If you find yourself overwhelmed by that sting in the flesh, don’t worry, that will end when you pass it up with a virtue rather than with a weakness. Regard to boast of being pure and perfect, quote the words of St.

Paul again and so that the greatness of the revelations do not exaltase me exceedingly, was given me a thorn in my flesh, a Messenger of Satan that strikes me, so me not celebrates greatly. Good way to keep us humble, that Messenger who slaps, the thorn in the flesh, is a reminder to show us that we must still transcend many things that we should not stand for us and believe that everything in our lives is already perfect. You can not move, push yourself, the universe is in constant motion, life does not stop, if the universe stopped for a few moments would be a chaos. Just imagine you were in a great highway which pass many vehicles, all have a rhythm are circulating, and suddenly, a car stops, what with the entire tail that comes after him? Humbly acknowledging your weaknesses, not condemning you, rather with the hope that within every weakness a virtue is enclosed, develops that virtue and you will see how weak dissolves as does the dark in the presence of light.