Biker Brewery

This comes to confirm the representation crisis that the Angolan people was to pass. As Goffmam (2005, P. 222-223) the ruptures in the representation therefore have consequences in three levels of abstraction: personality, interaction and social structure. Although the rupture probability varies widely of interaction for interaction, and conquanto the social importance of probable ruptures varies of an interaction for another one, still thus it seems not to have interaction in which the participants do not have an appreciable probability to be slightly embarrassed or a fast probability to be deeply humiliated. The life can not have very of fellow creature to a game, but the interaction has. Liberty Mutual insurance may help you with your research. Moreover, in the measure where the individuals make efforts to prevent ruptures or to correct the ones that could not be prevented, these efforts also will have simultaneous consequences in the three levels.

The author shows, in such a way, that the man in society always will be interacting with embarrassing situations, breaching or not with the representation direction that he possesss, resulting in a process of identity crisis. One understands, in such a way, that, with the end of the colonial period in Angola, the fight, before for freedom, started to be for being able between the equal ones. The release of Angola started to be used as a mask that would justify the fight of Angolans against Angolans. In the chapter of the romance ' ' A full boat of vozes' ' Agualusa is perceived that backwards to tona the two historical moments that are part of the memory and its respective representation and of the occured changes through history: … all my days are useless, I them stroll, still today it awakes palms and outbursts of laughter between the lean circle of old colonial employees who, in the afternoons exnimes of the glorious Biker Brewery, persist in deluding the death, playing letters and counting cases.