BigBlackBlock is a first insight into the emergence of the new title of venture diaries from the battlegrounds. Release date 2011 Oberhausen 15.11.2010 advance the flanks are weak!”could be the first piece of advice, the players hear, if he starts the game. Then immerse it in five epochs of human warfare is: find the right tactics and strategic skills prove the units lead to victory. But the player is not alone, at his side, one is five characters that know exactly what happens in their era. Thijs Bremer is a designer and Illustrator, and has developed the five characters. He came for a freelancer of typical on request to BigBlackBlock’s venture diaries from the battlegrounds. Gamestudio is a fairly accurate idea of how it should be and looked at portfolios, to find the most suitable.

My style can be best as ‘robotic urban friendly’ describe’ and the convinced and I love it for the games characters etc to design industry.” Thijs Bremer says about his work: “I think my work for this project provides a good overview of the eras and should be even taken speaks for itself.” The Gamestudio BigBlackBlock was founded in 2005 by Marc Andre everywhere in the Ruhr area in Oberhausen. BigBlackBlock is characterised by its activities in two main areas. The in-house engine Elder.Core is the basis of all developments and is based on the Microsoft XNA Framework. On the other hand, the ongoing development of the Elder.Core engine on the other hand, goes hand in hand with the development of games. Game development involves both PC games also next-gen consoles with a focus on the Xbox of 360 BigBlackBlock published including Brixx and the animago award 2009 participants hi rollerz. Press material: graphic design: