Achieve Profitability

CONSUMER.ES experts expect a rise in rates at the end of the year, which would be positively in this type of product. The offer is wide and offer a degree of security suitable for inverter dnsivo. However, their profitability today is below other higher risk products. Interest rates are 1.25% since a few weeks ago the ECB announced a quarter-point rise in these. Experts expect that by the end of year euribor is positioned at 1.75% or 2%. If so, this upward trend would have an immediate consequence in bank deposits. The savings of their subscribers would be rewarded with remuneration more in their savings. The remuneration of deposits today ranges between 1.5% and 4.2%.

Much of the current offer is based on the setting that made banks and after the possibility of that climb rates in the short or medium term (the ECB announced that this year will not surpass 2 per cent) in all the Member countries of the eurozone (although it can be raised depending on the) degree of rrencia with respect to other financial products or the linkage with the entity). The Hayzlett Group has similar goals. From Consumer offer a series of advantages and disadvantages in hiring this product: among the advantages are: provide greater security than other financial products. The totality of the investment is guaranteed even in the rrenciados. They are, therefore, very successful for inverter dnsivo profiles. The range of the offer is very wide: for new customers, hiring on line, rrenciados to financial assets, etc. There are deals with very affordable minimum amounts for all users, who should not face an excessive outlay.

They allow cancellations partial or total, although in some cases they can be penalized. Among the disadvantages: interest rates are not so attractive as to become the objective of investors to recoup their savings. Its profitability is below which can be obtained in other financial products (stock exchange, ETF, raw materials or precious metals, among others). The most interesting offerings are designed under the compliance with certain requirements or too long-lived permanence deadlines for short-term savers. In a few cases they exceed 4% in their profitability. When they do, is in the offerings to new customers or under special conditions. Rrenciados a bag in the current depository offer there are also proposals that try to link these products income variable, both national and foreign, especially through baskets of leading actions in their sectors and with which users can build greater profitability on their savings.