Month: May 2019


The egoism of the representatives of science, the governments and have taken to the religions to hide them information valuable of our relation with the Cosmos, trying to submerge us in the dark of infinite, but dark, uninhabited and inhospitable a universe. That even though our cultures ancestral left evidence and bequeathed on the communion […]


However, all inform in them that the lie is always what is in contradiction with what is the truth, that is, in a way or of another one the lie is the opposition what it is considered true. True in general it is what the humanity considers as truth. Nietzsche not it believed the truth […]


Because the flamenco one is nourished inextinguishablely of the tragic substance of the town, its festive root, its loving desire, its air and its ground, and in him, therefore, it also plans of inextinguishable way the memory of that town. It is his testimony. Reason why, if it is known to beat correctly, of him […]


It also did not speak for us? Mr. ouviu.’ ‘ Numbers 12:2 ‘ ‘ E, being for divine revelation informed in dreams so that they did not come back stops next to Herodes, had broken for its land for another one caminho.’ ‘ Mateus 2:12 They had been informed = cautious, informed, prevented Dream = […]

Choose Relations

If your relation has arrived at its aim, she is almost certainly these looking for advice exceeds how to return with your ex- ones. But by where beginning to watch when there is a pile of book options available? This article will help you to identify the best guides of relations and ruptures in the […]

Italian Book

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not yet lifted to live. Henry David Thoreau. Dedicated to: Claudia Gamez. Who has always insisted that you write essays, as she is the genre that most domino. A couple of years ago I had the privilege of attending the book fair of […]