Month: December 2018

Walter Scott

France was the most bloody battle between classics and romantics. The new drama requires a freedom that had only reached in Shakespeare’s, and in almost all European countries is product among other factors for the development of the national and nationalist spirit that advocates the need to eliminate foreign influence and the import of the […]

Carmen Martin Gaite

CARMEN MARTIN GAITE (1925-2000) ” In the same way that the women and the men, would have that to see itself like beings less faced, the realism and the fantasy they would have to go more of the hand, because the life is a quarry of surrealismo and thanks to that the call holds reality, […]

The Pilot Amv Jonathan Barragan Sweeps In Talavera

After the victory the AMV is placed in front of the general classification fast Talavera de la Reina, Cathedral of Spanish motorcycling circuit, saw as the pilot AMV Jonathan Barragan rose winner in each of the sleeves in which he has participated. With the sweet taste of victory in their lips, the Spaniard opens the […]