Month: September 2018


Plywood, dry and light. During the manufacturing process (pressing under high temperature and pressure) of it evaporates all the moisture – plywood never lead and she never . Depending on the design, the frame can be manufactured from a combination of plywood and wooden beams (supporting part) or just out of plywood. The exception is […]

How To Order Kitchen Furniture

In the first stage before you order the kitchen, you should define the budget that you have allotted to the kitchen. How much money can you spend? In the second stage before so as to come to our office and make design project of their products you need to make an independent crude measurement of […]

Small Companies

'Small' companies are commercial organizations, whose authorized capital share of: – the subjects of the Russian Federation, social and religious organizations (associations), charities and other funds does not exceed 25% – share belonging to one or more legal entities that are not small businesses, less than 25% – average number of employees during the reporting […]

Available Kitchen Bianca .

Tell me, who among Muscovites did not encounter delemoy selection of furniture at least once? Winnings such, I think, you will not find. And, as the exeperimental, most probably task – make a right at all respects the choice of furniture for the kitchen. If the post-Soviet period, about 20-30 years ago, there was a […]

Historical Features

Ever since man began to use the front door, which appeared originally as a means to protect your home from uninvited guests and the weather conditions, their construction and design constantly changed and improved. In different time epochs various architectural styles and trends are reflected in the design of doors. What is known about the […]