Month: July 2018

Phil Jackson

I decided to take a break. This is a ‘little’ fit again in a year. Ha, well you know the best part? After learning about the care of Jackson, has requested a transfer and was traded to the ‘Miami’ Shaq, but without this Couples ‘Los Angeles’ ceased to be himself. The team, which now shone […]

About Travel

Do not even listen to them. They speak of the wealth? About money? On business? On investments? About Travel? On the expensive cars? On the yacht? No! They say the world is horrible, deprived them of the rich, and they are forced every day to drink beer because nothing else is left to them. We […]


If my company is highly focused on products and I have embarked on a CRM initiative to focus more operation in the clients, there is no doubt that there will be changes. These changes are reflected in the business processes, in the form as people work and measures are, in the form as used tools, […]

Web Designer

Any of us, if we want to meet someone and we can enter your House. We’re going to find with a large amount of data, which will allow us to know who is the person that we are interested. We only need to know what to observe and suddenly we have a profile of this […]