Month: September 2016

Emotional Intelligence

Each emotion has its own message and intensity. What are emotions? Emotions are a “system of signs” that give us information we need at any given time to organize our behavior and guide our actions. Each of the emotions are signs that help us prepare to respond to different situations. Emotions do not simply happen […]

Planning Human Resources

Training and Development and Planning Human Resources is a process that integrates a range of activities such as: Selection, Recruitment, Induction, training and development, performance evaluation. Within this process desatacaremos and we will emphasize the issue of training and development, which is also integrated in a series of steps which are: real situation and desired […]

The Development

A good relationship between professor and pupil must exist so that it has a good development in the learning. In case that contrary, it will harm the development of the learning of the pupil who is the reason biggest of the school. Piaget (1972) affirms that the challenge biggest of the education is to together […]

The Development

It soothes the skin, leaving it soft and healthy. Natural active ingredients: coenzyme Q10, ginseng root, apple seeds, lotus, Vitamin E. Application: Apply to clean face, neck and decollete lines a moderate amount of cream. Make a massage until completely absorbed. Use the cream in the evening or at night. Cautions: Use exactly as prescribed, […]