Month: April 2016


The knowledge always played important role in great social transformations. In the first phase of the Industrial Revolution, Paiva (1999) places that the tools, processes and products had been applied; in the second phase – revolution of the Productivity -, it was transferred to be applied it to the work. Currently, the knowledge is being […]

June Amount

18 In 18 of June of the 1849, slave of Clement Benguella Nation, 19 purchase its freedom for the significant amount of four hundred a thousand paid kings the widower owner Maria Joaquina Garces whom in the same Letter it specifies that it is with the paid money for the slave and that this value […]

Black Box

Oil, one black box The nine in ten times money of the oil is a cursed money. Ignacy Sachs Brazil is presented world-wide as potential detainer of great reserves of oil, leader in the production of biocombustveis and detainer of the technology of the nuclear fuel cycle. The paper of the country can be of […]

Pope Lion

The antropocentrismo if collated with oTeocentrismo, the Geocentrismo against the Heliocentrismo, at last the reason versus F. This period of renaissance produced some thinkers, such as Erasmo de Rotterdam Nicholas Coprnico, whom through its many obrasinfluenciaram other thinkers, clergymen and noblemen, people formadorasde opinion, between them the proper Lutero. Although the different social contexts and […]

Human Culture

CULTURE ORGANIZACIONAL: STUDY OF CASE IN a JAPANESE MULTINATIONAL Ismael de Oliveira Dutra SUMMARY the present article deals with concepts of the organizacional culture and which are the impacts and influence in the organizacional scope. By means of a study of case of a company of Japanese culture installed in a country of Latin culture […]