Month: September 2014

Organic Law

Objective mainly, the economic maintenance of individuals, that are in ' ' desvantagens' ' , in relation to the ingression in the work market. In the related decree, it is understood as individuals in ' ' desvantagens' ' , people with physical, sensorial, chemical or psychic adoecimento. In the social cooperatives, agricultural, industrial activities, commercial […]


Carlos Mora Vanegas the individual that is programmed to feel mediocre or incompetent to carry out the task, probably will meet the low expectation and will produce a lower quality work. Rosembaum to increase perception and view other States less alienating consciousness, is necessary to rid itself of assurances, emptying the mind of ideas and […]

Aida Again

– Are you going to school?. – No. – What about this apartment is your mom?. – No. Cristina was the misery and dirt of the apartment. There was a fridge, also a small kitchen and a rusty old machine. Caryton trays and bags abandoned by all sides. – I gotta go – Cristina said […]