Month: April 2014

Ignatius Rilley Barcelona

Pablo Tusset was born in Barcelona in 1965. With this novel won the Tigre Juan Prize for the year 2001, becoming one of the great successes of the Decade sales. The best thing that can happen to a croissant is that they spread with butter as well begin the adventures of Pablo Miralles, a kind, […]

Mario Vargas Llosa

The Literature of the amazonian world has been in five centuries a long dialogue of mythologies. Those that conceived in hundreds of languages ten native million of which they inhabited his borders to the arrival of the European, and those that contributed to the Spanish and the Portuguese, who consolidated then and who with the […]

China Mining

After the accession to the WTO, the opening up of domestic economic and trade becomes deeper and deeper and the domestic enterprises are seeking development at abroad.In the past, China s mining machinery industry production barely meet the demand of the domestic market, export abroad can not be achieved in the quantity and quality standards. […]