Month: March 2014

The Process

Thermal ITC’s profile of the instrument is used to make the measurement of the relevant data of the process of the. On the basis of these statistics is that it measures how well the products that fit with the profile established for the process of the window. Daily thermal profiles: at present time all PCB […]


Analyzing twenty hours of programming In day twenty and three of eight and a thousand April two we carry through a quantitative research, in which we record during twenty and four hours the programming directed for the national sender of television, Net Globe. During this writing the following numbers had been entered: Total of propagated […]

The Life

Each one of in them could very be estagnado well waiting that the day happens, pass ahead of its eyes without nothing to make. But what it would be to use to advantage this day that nothing was made? We could make optimum of we ourselves, of the optimum one of we ourselves, so that […]

Foreign Language

After all, to read classics awaken the taste for the trip, the immersion in the stranger and the exploration of the diversity. 4. The IMPORTANCE AND NEW PERSPECTIVES FOR the EDUCATION OF ENGLISH LITERATURE IN AVERAGE EDUCATION the lessons of foreign language must make possible to the pupil the recognition and the understanding of the […]

Eddy Martinez

It is truly an immense good fortune, have been able to accompany with my guitar, Charles Pena and his sentence a tremendous singer how was it Eddy Martinez (Guillermo Bedoya Martinez) but why say, an immense good fortune? Because you can count on the fingers of one hand to artists of the stature of Eddy. […]

The Nature To Be Explored And Exploited. Tourism

Rural tourism is an ideal way to spend a few days getting closer to nature, in the mountains, the field or by the sea.The Department of Quindio in Colombia, has a wide range of rural tourism with different options and for all tastes, in addition to offering comfortable accommodations, premium services provided. Get ready for […]

Jinaya Carazamba

His life is influenced by several historical events, such as: the dictatorship of Jorge Ubico, the revolution of the 44 and the liberation movement in the 54. Connoisseur of the fauna and flora of Guatemala, which ranks as stage is in his works. His narrative skill is able to keep you attentive and interested leaves […]