Month: December 2013


If Botarmos the hand in the conscience, we go to perceive the importance that the environment represents in them, the life human being the dependent fauna of the nature to survive, more today the man is not having this vision of preservation, the destruction is continuous in the day the day, we take as main […]


As you’ll already have obesity is a chronic disease regarded as a complex multifactorial that develops due to the interaction of genotype and its environment. The reasons for which gives rise to this disease, are not yet defined, since it is obvious that the problem has its roots in several factors social, cultural, physiological, behaviors, […]

Organization Training

Although the knowledge acquired through these means occasionally often are unstructured and inaccurate, the infinite possibilities of access to attractive multimedia information provided and the amount of time people spend them (newspapers and magazines, movies, TV programs, news on news, stories, all kinds of web pages, games) make them one of the main sources of […]