Month: November 2013

Geographic Environment

The market, based on its geographic scope, can be classified in the premises, regional, national and international. At the moment, the borders are more and more permeable and the competition is characterized for being transnational. From the entrance of Spain in the European Economic Community (the EEC), the Spanish industralists have had exceeded opportunities to […]

Urban Support

The development of the Amazon region its cities and States, always was atrelado the governmental guardianship, that, most of the time traced plans of economic development that they had failed in its final intention. Scientific studies can assure categorically that, the failure of such measures had to the isolated character of the public politics suggested […]

Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution, occurred in England in the second half of century XVII, for some historians it was the beginning of the capitalism and the end of the feudalismo. It was also a process where the technological development lode to substitute the domestic way of production. The first consequences of the industrial revolution had been […]

Consumer Environment

Badly the inhabitants of our ship Land had begun the internalizao of the serious earthquake followed of tsunami in Japan in 2011, that she cut with a scythe thousand of lives and she caused huge economic damages to the country, of difficult mensurao and that certainly will produce important impact global, had started the protests […]

Political Mirror Russia

Analysis of problems and peculiarities of the modern younger generation can not begin to clarify the definition of "younger generation". The younger generation – not only the future, she is "living present" and it is important to understand how young people today determine the content and nature of the future as brings the "spirit of […]

Demi Moore

The photography, realised in the bath its house, shows the undressed back of the actress while this taking the snapshot. The image has taken praises and some critic. Demi Moore has returned to make use of its favorite social network, Twitter, to publish a photo in which she appears naked of waist for above. The […]