Month: October 2013


The importance of the earthworms for the fertilizao and recovery of ground already was known has two a thousand years more than. The philosopher Aristotle defined the earthworms as ' ' ploughs of terra' ' , thanks to its capacity of escarificar lands hardest. With the intenso to know more on the earthworms, and to […]


Thus being, it is asked: until point is validates to communicate science to the great public, using itself it biography of the scientists as motivation strategy? The controversy elapses of the fact that, traditionally, usual science (classic) advocates for the separation (or desvinculao) enters the object of the research and the searching citizen. Therefore, if […]

Aboriginal Movement

Although the current Brazilian conjuncture if to constitute of social configurations that deflagram inhibiting factors for the positivao and efetivao of aboriginal rights, the extreme determination of this people, as well as its considerable organization politics and collective conscience, evidences that the Aboriginal Movement comes promoting innumerable forms of resistance to the factors that they […]