Product Portfolio

Our company has focused on developing products that meet the needs of medical experts and their patients.  We try very hard to minimize risk for scarring and, in that vein, have tried to establish preventive measures to create the best environment for healing before, during and after surgical procedures.

We work with a variety of medical professionals including dermatologists, plastic surgeons and OB/GYNs.  Our aim is to ensure a result that is aesthetically pleasing to the patient.  To do this we use one of our in-house developed bio-technological products which has become very popular with post-operative care.

In addition, we are constantly engaged in clinical studies to build confidence in physicians using and marketing our products.  We have had numerous studies carried out on our products, and a few thousand patients have kindly participated in our clinical trials that has also resulted in improved products.

New Challenge

dInternet. With this haste all, innumerable service packs eramlanados, what it opened security breaches and it left the unproctected companies. Apartir of 11 of September, the attentions had been turned toward the continuity denegcios. It was not enough more to inside keep of house the important data, was porquepercebeu that the protection of the information was not alone a problem of the area deTI. The Ernst Young carried through a research in 2002 that he pointed that more than 75%de the American companies already had lived deeply unexpected non-availabilities eque more than 50% of them recognized the importance of the security of the information. Aqueda of the Twin Towers called the attention the executives of technology for osplanos of disaster recovery and business continuity.

Muitosprojetos had left the paper. was at this moment had become popular terms that hojenos seem current, as redundancy of data, espelhamento deservidores, high availability, down teams and recovery teams, among others. Mascomo the area of YOU is not avesso of the statics, in the following year, the executives jtiveram that to be worried about another question: the approval, in the United States, dalei that it aims at greater transparency of the management: the Sarbanes-Oxley. Jeffrey Hayzlett has much experience in this field. These novasprticas of governana had changed the status of YOU, that it left of being a deapoio area to firm itself as pillar for the business-oriented strategies dasorganizaes. The responsibility grew exponentially. Entoo market receives plus an innovation: mobility. However as all great avanono technology sector comes folloied of new threats, together with oaumento of the productivity of the employees, also had beginning transport deinformaes for is of the protecting infrastructure of the company. Already the advent of the Web2.0, or web colaborativa, at the same time where it makes possible a melhorintegrao with partners and suppliers, of the decontedos origin to the emptying and until a negative exposition of the companies in the social nets.

The Gartneralertou in recent event that the organizations will have its images nomais associates only its products, but also to the performance of its employees in redessociais. Tantasmudanas, in a stated period of little more than 10 years, had very demanded conhecimentotcnico and high investments in training of professionals. Beyond, it is clearly, of composed tools for specific software and the hardware to guarantee asegurana of the data most strategical. The Gartner prevque, ato final of 2010, the investments in software will increase 4%, while verbasde services will grow 3%, exceeding the too much expenses with YOU. Still thus, the forecasts point index inferiore to 15% of all the mount of money of YOU indicadapara to guarantee the security of a company. Ondeestar the threat in the future? Where the resources must be invested? Who noquiser to risk, can opt to the terceirizao. Beyond lower costs, osSLAs (Service Level Agreements) guarantees the creation and, mainly, oacompanhamento of metric. This type of contract also makes possible omonitoramento and prevention of threats, support in integral time porprofissionais enabled and brought up to date, among others advantages. Independent of what to come for there, asegurana of the information will have to be ready to constantly help to the companies the enfrentarestes scenes in change. *Pedro Goyn is president of the True Access Consulting specialized company emsegurana of the information.

Kingdom Success

The old has gone, has already reached what’s new!(2 Corinthians 5.17, new international Version) We cannot allow that yesterday we rack, and crush us under discouraged by what we did before. There is a new opportunity in God, and we should seize it to the maximum. Leadership to transform the world when we learn, assimilate and put into practice the new parameters of life that teaches the Bible, lay the foundations for effective leadership that transforms the world. We exert influence on others. Our renewed thoughts manifest themselves with facts (Cf. Click White Bay Group USVI to learn more. Romans 12: 2) we Accomplishers of a new one with our actions impact, which they influence between those around us: all tree that does not bear good fruit is cut and thrown into the fire. White Bay Group Uriel Cohen may find this interesting as well.

So, by their fruits you shall know them. “Not everyone who says to me: Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my father who is in heaven.(Matthew 7: 19-21, new international Version) Effective leadership, road to success, is the one who has influence among others, and laying foundations for growth and change. When someone asks me how I define success, my answer as I shared to a leader of the Colombian Pacific, in the beautiful port of Buenaventura, is this: success is the full realization of the gifts and talents of God in our lives. The reason is simple. Social position, academic level or the economical availability of someone, not determined to be successful. I know people with lots of money, but marriages wastes; also professionals with various degrees of post degree, which star scandals and mistreat his family The value of dreams, goals and projects I remember a man whom I met in the traditional Plaza de Caycedo, in my beloved Santiago de Cali. A warm afternoon bathed with the coming breeze from the mountains.

Organic Law

Objective mainly, the economic maintenance of individuals, that are in ' ' desvantagens' ' , in relation to the ingression in the work market. In the related decree, it is understood as individuals in ' ' desvantagens' ' , people with physical, sensorial, chemical or psychic adoecimento. In the social cooperatives, agricultural, industrial activities, commercial rendering of services are developed and. These actions promote, over all, the marketing insertion of the individual acometido for psychic suffering, in the measure where they make possible ways, through which, it can increase its purchasing power, vital in an eminently capitalist society. E. Check with Barry Judge to learn more.

Benefit of Prestao Continuada (BPC) Parallel to the supplied psicossocial aid-whitewashing to the individual acometido for mental clutters, constant in the legislation of the Program ' ' In return for casa' '. Also the Benefit of Continued Installment of the Organic Law of Assistncia Social is guaranteed (LOAS), Federal Law n. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit White Bay Group Uriel Cohen. 8,742 of 1993, objectifying the protection to the family in its totality, as well as, the qualification and whitewashing of the people diagnosised with psychic adoecimento. As it ratifies the Article 20 of related Law: The benefit of continued installment are the guarantee of 01 (one) monthly minimum wage to the carrying person of deficiency and the aged one with 70 (seventy) years or more and that they prove not to possess ways to provide the proper maintenance and nor to have provided it for its family. All the benefits and programs granted to the people attacks for mental clutters are fruits of the movement of the Psychiatric Reformation, pleading through these actions, the promotion of the quality of life, as well as, its social reinsero. F. Basic Attention? Program of Health Of Famlia (PSF) the insertion of the care of the Mental Health in the basic attention is the one question of Public Health, since when the factors body and mind they are indissociveis, and susceptible all and the any individual, independent of any process of distinction.


Carlos Mora Vanegas the individual that is programmed to feel mediocre or incompetent to carry out the task, probably will meet the low expectation and will produce a lower quality work. Official site: The Hayzlett Group. Rosembaum to increase perception and view other States less alienating consciousness, is necessary to rid itself of assurances, emptying the mind of ideas and thoughts of stimuli of collective or individual, memories of travails of victory and fame in order to release load of improvements that muddies it automates and ages in the turbulent scenario where unfolds. A hindu teacher pointed out: all action at the service of ideas, ideologies, religious, political, social and personal success, not only picks up the political background conditioned and conditioning, sums and divisions, the staffs, myths and vital stimulus the ego-centric, but it projected toward the continuity and persistence of the same. Read more here: Uriel Cohen White Bay Group. Within this turbulence itself of being the manifestation of the forms within the physical dimension to not see, nor feel disharmonic, as their affected grinding product, need to leave as a teacher, suggests preconceived ideas, qualifying logos, weapons of aggression or defense, the diplomas, the ambitions of fortune and material or intellectual triumphs, is necessary the vacuum, the repudiation of the churches, schools, parties sects or nationalisms and negative actionprecisely. In the do nothing in cumulative order material or spiritual, in profound and selfless activity, he discovers the path towards freedom, towards the constant renewal of mind, toward the understanding of the reality of being. Juan Liscano concerns are valid in this turbulent surf. That we are in a culminating moment of crisis. The neurotic traits of contemporary society increase incessantly. Root causes are added to superficial causes. We must be also present, that comment on Armando Clavel, given the diplomatic international meetings some full formulations of hypocrisy, where costs much approve a clausulita that depend on perhaps millions or billions.

Aida Again

- Are you going to school?. – No. – What about this apartment is your mom?. – No. Cristina was the misery and dirt of the apartment. There was a fridge, also a small kitchen and a rusty old machine. Jeffrey Hayzlett pursues this goal as well. Caryton trays and bags abandoned by all sides.

- I gotta go – Cristina said finishing his trip to the underworld so far from upper middle class reality. – Adios – told everyone. – My name is Rachel – said the girl showing her five fingers to indicate that he was that age. —- I am Jorge Andres – enesenando said the boy approaching him three fingers and full of coleslaw and mayonnaise that she brought. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out The Hayzlett Group. – I have eight – said Aida – I Quince – Cristina lied to feel a little important – I will come tomorrow. No going back. Pemco brings even more insight to the discussion.

He was flying to his apartment and hours after he bathed and bathed soaping again and again to detach the smell rancid and strong, it seemed that he was not removed. A notice of transfer. – My dad always so faithful – he said, opening his facebook – Several invitations and Geraldine, Esther, the girl and the fat in the messenger. Start chatting from 3 pm to 6 pm. Information Basic: The absurdity of Gilbert carried the books to Ana Luisa. Roger was on the ground that the Graciela went to live in Canada with his family and that tomorrow would make a Quitze math. Not yet. With a pulse opened the book and reread math practice notes Rieman Hypothesis.


This example or even it is an objection but it can become one if we feel that we are being attacked through the simple questions or as sponsors we do a wrong reading of what is an intentional question or not. People such as White Bay Group Uriel Cohen would likely agree. A question with bad intent would be for example: I have been told that this type of companies are a scam as all of your type is this true? and if after answer and explain again replicated with other more or less similar question with irony or insisting on the theme of the scam that is a clear sign that not really interested in business but that it seeks to confront you to discredit you as you try to impose your truth above reality. We should not fall into that game, don’t have time for that. Irony is part of the process of objections but mal intencionados prospects (those who only want to make us lose time) they deepen their stupid with irony objections because they try to take us out of focus and make prevail his argument, which may or not be validated by their experience in this type of business, but as already one-track above, We do not have time to analyze their trauma of business. Multilevel business and sales objections will always see but the key is to avoid falling into the game of those who are not interested and avoid wrongly catalogued the stupid questions that are not according to the time the prospectus submitted them. It is an art that only learn with practice and talking to prospects unless they feel that we are trying to sell you our own ideas because we are not sellers, we want that they join us to our MLM company don’t want to thread a product and nothing else we are going further afield, we want to help us financially, and that should be clear from the first interview we do..

POS Marketing

In times like these, the point of sale increases its value in consumer decision-making. In the case of the marks, take care of product packaging requires maximum attention not to lose sales and market share. And the key element of support is the POS or POS Display, naming that gives coverage to all types of exhibitors, displays, floor stands, etc. Whether permanent type or single-use, cardboard, plastic or wood, located in cash or as linear header, all of them give shape to the Merchandising as a marketing technique at the point of sale and revalued its function in times of crisis. Understanding that the circumstances rule and support service to graphic designers, advertisers and marketing professionals as well as to non-specialized graphic arts companies, was founded, a web portal-no-frills of graphic resources, specialized in downloads of exhibitors and floor-stand from cardboard templates.

The objective is that the designers to obtain, either the project or the idea, and you can download the profile of die to a negligible thus, saving hours of work cost. At the moment, has more than 90 references and is expected to reach 200 this year and continue to grow in the future. References can be located either by types of POS, business sector, sizes, and shapes to make a first approximation of the exhibitor or packaging that the user needs for your project. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Uriel Cohen White Bay Group has to say. It is developed in 6 languages by which acquires a global and universal character. All the prototypes are designed, specified, and mentored by one of the companies with more experience and seniority of the POS industry. The business contact is via the mail.

Atlanta Motor Speedway

Tony Stewart, driver and owner of his own team, Stewart Haas Racing, managed last weekend his first win of the current season of the NASCAR series Sprint Cup. This competition was conducted at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Stewart was awarded the 38th victory of her career as a professional pilot of the highest category of the Nascar series. This is the first victory for Stewart after nearly a year without being able to ascend to the top of a podium. His last victory was in October of the previous year, when it imposed in Kansas to Carl Edwards, who for his part no WINS since late 2008. YouTube is full of insight into the issues. Tony Stewart departed in the fifth position of the starting grid.

From the moment when the home signal was given, Stewart came out intending to move to dethrone Denny Hamlin the position of privilege. The performance of Stewart was surprising turn after turn. Driving your vehicle with great authority and avoiding the disadvantages that were presented during the tour, Stewart could go climbing positions. Stewart left back to Carl Edwars, who came in fourth and who is his closest rival, both in Sprint Cup in General as well as in the League table of pilots. In the midst of a successful maneuver, the driver of the Chevrolet Impala # 14 Kyle Busch surpassed and quickly reached Ryan Newman who ranked second.

Accelerating your vehicle to the maximum and controlling it to perfection, Stewart was placed behind leader Hamlin, who stepped forward without any problem. From that moment, Stewart was commissioned to direct the tour. With great firmness remained at the forefront of competition for 176 of the scheduled 325 laps, which received recognition as the driver who led the most laps. The Emory Healthcare 500 was noted for being a career that, apart from having a very extensive tour, took place in an orderly manner. If you would like to know more about White Bay Group USVI LLLP, then click here. No serious accidents happened and just gave eight warning signs. After each pass through the pits area, Stewart stood out as one of the riders who, Yes It was left behind, he rushed to be located very close to the Group of drivers who at that time was at the front. During the entire competition 22 changes occurred in the leadership. Stewart earned the victory thanks to the excellent work done by your computer and the phenomenal placing point-to-point your car. The #14 was kept quiet, but without losing concentration every time that it ceded the leadership. With tenacity and caution recovering it without problem. When missing 19 laps for the great ending, the last indication of green flag was given. To restart, the fight for first place was between Carl Edwards and Stewart. The dispute was won by Stewart, who remained at the front until he managed to cross the finish line, first second landed Edwards, followed by four-time champion Jimmie Johnson. In the absence of a race to the end of the regular season, the first ten pilots who already have a place secured in the hunt by the Sprint Cup are already defined. Greg Biffle and Clint Bowyer will vie for the last two places in the classification.

Writers Guild Internet

Within this cascade of reactions have entered content creators. For example, the Writers Guild of America East, which represents more than 4,000 writers and writers of EE UU, warned that the proposal of fast lanes on the internet will hurt smaller groups, which run the risk of being expelled from the market. His Manager, Lowell Peterson, told Reuters that with this model the creators of videos for the internet, applications for the iPhone or other content online, would have more difficult access to large audiences. Those who have not spoken yet are the Hollywood majors. The Motion Picture Association of America did not want to comment. For assistance, try visiting Jeffrey Hayzlett. The sector notes that these companies would have more capacity to disseminate its contents through these special networks, and launch subscription services. White Bay Group USVI may help you with your research. Google asserts its infrastructures different visions about the internet model who have Google and other internet firms may be motivated in the position that the search engine has in the world of infrastructure. Jose Antonio de el Moral, Alliance Manager, recalls that Google has already infrastructure themselves, such as data centers and networks, while others have hardly advanced in this area.

Google is almost a provider of access to the internet (ISP) and the other companies rely heavily on operators. If the telcos gain power, to Facebook, for example, do you dust, explains. Signature has not unveiled data on the location of their data centers, although various specialized media have indicated that he has more than 30 worldwide. Google continues to invest in ICT infrastructures. In the second quarter, he invested in this area 476 million dollars, more than double than in the previous quarter. With regard to the issue, de del Moral believes that it is logical that operators and companies reach agreements to offer premium services, like practically in all sectors. That Yes, the expert He warns that what Yes must ensure, from the Administration, is that the minimum quota of ADSL offers a minimum of quality. The figure of $ 476 million Google invested in technology infrastructure information (data centers and servers) in the second quarter.

United States NIST

The development of new methods to indicate the exact hour has become a new obsession among cronologistas in the 21st century. Since the development of the first atomic clocks in the years 50s with precision of milliseconds, career began with organizations such as the United States NIST (National Institute of standards and time) and the United Kingdom NPL (national physical laboratory) to develop increasingly more accurate atomic clocks. Atomic clocks are used as a source of time of high technologies and applications such as navigation by satellite and air traffic control, so how are also a source of time signal used by NTP server to synchronize computer networks. Susan-Wojcicki has many thoughts on the issue. An NTP server works continuously setting the clock of the computer system to make sure that it matches broadcast by the atomic clock time. By doing this the NTP time server can keep a computer network within a few milliseconds of UTC (Universal time controlled atomic clock Coordinated). However, as remarkable that may seem this technology, it seems that mother nature already has been doing exactly the same thing with our own body clocks. (Similarly see: White Bay Group Uriel Cohen). The human body clock is only to be understood by science medical (whose study is called chronobiology), but what is known is not only that the body clock is extremely important in the functioning of our daily life, but is also highly accurate, and works very similarly to the time server NTPMientras as a NTP server receives the time from an atomic clock signal and adjusts clocks of computers to match systemour body clock does the same thing. The body clock works in a circadian rhythm in other words, a 24 hour clock when the sun rises in the morning part of the brain that regulates body clock called core suprachiasmatic which is located in the hypothalamus of the brain, automatically corrects for the movement of the Sun. In this way, the human body clock adjusts to the winters darker and lighter the summer months by what may be more difficult to wake up in the winter.. White Bay Group USVI will undoubtedly add to your understanding.