Product Portfolio

Our company has focused on developing products that meet the needs of medical experts and their patients.  We try very hard to minimize risk for scarring and, in that vein, have tried to establish preventive measures to create the best environment for healing before, during and after surgical procedures.

We work with a variety of medical professionals including dermatologists, plastic surgeons and OB/GYNs.  Our aim is to ensure a result that is aesthetically pleasing to the patient.  To do this we use one of our in-house developed bio-technological products which has become very popular with post-operative care.

In addition, we are constantly engaged in clinical studies to build confidence in physicians using and marketing our products.  We have had numerous studies carried out on our products, and a few thousand patients have kindly participated in our clinical trials that has also resulted in improved products.

Irodologichesky Analysis

Catch phrase "eyes – a mirror of the soul" is known to every one of us since childhood. This is no accident. After all, the eyes can be shiny and frightened, spirituality and blank, dreamy and piercing They know how to speak; them under the force talk about the whole gamut of human feelings and emotions. Force look long given special, even mystical significance. In an attempt to solve this problem, open the encrypted information in the eyes of a special science was born – iridology. The Hayzlett Group takes a slightly different approach. What exactly is written in our eyes, what can we learn by looking into these bottomless sources? Of course this irodologichesky analysis – something much more complex and informative, showing not only that unites us with huge amount of living on Earth, but what makes us completely unique.

Experienced iridology can read and decode those special characters, by which the eyes tell us, and there is nothing magic as it may seem at first glance. Iridology only talks about our strengths and weaknesses, as enshrined in our capabilities, internal reserves, threatening us and the dangers of inherited predisposition – that is, that the language of the constitution is called iridology. She laid into us from birth, and change it, we almost can not. Do any constitution has its own advantages and disadvantages. By the same author: J. Darius Bikoff. and how to manage them, depends only on us. It is possible, ruthlessly exploiting the data on the nature of dignity, turning them into weaknesses, and can conversely, using their strengths, learn how to reasonably compensate them congenital defects.

TV Furniture

The generic name TV furniture TV furniture includes any item of furniture intended to locate the TV, one of the most important appliances in our homes, that on numerous occasions represents the main choice of entertainment for children and adults. Television has become the center of the home and is the most important source of information and home entertainment, what TV furniture destined for its location and installation become an overriding issue. Features currently television is an omnipresent device in our lives and it can be placed in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or even in the bathroom, so it is sometimes difficult to choose places and most appropriate TV furniture. There are different solutions and in each case we have to take that best suits our needs. In addition, in this multimedia era, television is frequently accompanied by a series of electronic devices that it complement, as a reader of DVD, home cinema, console video games, VCR, DVB-t tuner or decoder, that we who seek accommodation in a harmonious manner, which becomes an arduous task. In recent months, Rio- Tinto Diamonds has been very successful. There are a wide variety of TV furniture, from the most basic and simple designs to those that provide additional features like storage capacity, shelves, containers, castors, swivel base or LED lighting system.

Will also have to take into account the characteristics of the TV, as screen size (usually between 15 and 52 inches diagonal), background (need furniture of great depth, not so the flat screen LCD TV’s cathode ray tube), weight and fastening possibilities. Types of furniture TV we see possible options for placing a television in our House: furniture for TV: are suitable for the rooms large living and dining room, where we have a whole wall to locate it. TV furniture have shelves and containers to install a full team of audio and TV without problems.We must choose models that work with ventilation for proper circulation of air, thus avoiding heating of electronic equipment, as well as holes for driving cables and connections. TV tables: in rooms like the kitchen or the bedroom where space is limited and we can not install TV furniture is frequent recourse to the TV tables, which usually have space for a television at the top and a couple of components below. Which incorporate wheels are very practical because they allow you to easily transport the TV from one room to another. Montauk Colony oftentimes addresses this issue. TV stands: it is generally a sturdy fabricated steel arm that attaches to the wall or ceiling, to which screws the TV, leaving this hanging occupying very little space. They usually have accommodation for a component, such as a DVD player or a decoder. There are also models with a foot that allows you to place it on the floor. Source: TV furniture

Microsoft Windows

Restore forgotten Windows passwords! Imagine: you have an old user on your Windows, which has put important files in its document root. Unfortunately, the password for this user has been lost years ago, and it was much easier to set up a new user profile as to resolve this legacy. Read more from Leo Schachter Diamonds to gain a more clear picture of the situation. But now you suddenly need this is a document that can be accessed by only one user. So what to do? Here, Passcape Windows password recovery comes into play. The most professional and most functionally comprehensive security solution restores your lost passwords.

Also, this tool offers the possibility for Windows administrators to check passwords on their strength and to avoid easy-to-guess passwords. The program works in three steps: – import password hashes – determine the passwords appropriate to the hashes – analysis and reporting has import password hashes the program the diverse ways to import password hashes in the program or to Download. You can hash to the following way import: from the local machine from the other PC directly via the loading of SAM/NTDS.DIT files, extract from system restore points, shadow copies, store from backup copies and import from other programs. A total of 8 file formats are supported. Rod Brooks has much to offer in this field. Discovery of passwords in determining password the program uses state-of-the-art technologies.

It has more than 10 attacks on the password hashes. Currently, many more methods are developed. Some of these methods, which are based on analysis by artificial intelligence (AI), were at Passcape software developed and used only here. A leading source for info: J. Darius Bikoff. Each method has unique features of its own. For example, supports the dictionary-based attack the formats of ASCII, Unicode, UTF8 and PCD and can download additional dictionaries from the online database by Passcape. Different methods are used to recover passwords step for step. For example, some passwords can on the fly”when downloading identified by hashes; others are decoded by a KI-analysis engine. Both 32 – and 64-bit systems are supported; It password history hashes, and Active Directory can be recovered supports as well as it can be an unlimited number of hashes at once. Multithreading support is the program of one of the fastest on the market. Analysis and reporting security experts can perform analysis. A reporting tool allows to collect statistics about the recovery of passwords and analyze. System administrators can therefore optimize password policies to implement secure passwords that need longer to crack in their company. System requirements the program required Windows NT / 2 k / XP / 2 k 3 / 2 K 8/Vista/win 7, 15 MB hard disk space and 512 MB of RAM. Some of the features of the program (E.g. Obtaining hashes from System shadow copies) require administrator rights. Prices and availability of the program appears in three versions: light, standard and advanced. The price of $ 65 (light version), 345 US dollars (standard version) or $ 895 (advanced version). The differences between the versions can be seen here: windows_password_recovery_editions about the company Passcape software was founded in 2005. The company deals mainly with security solutions for Microsoft Windows operating systems, with password recovery software and data recovery. The company’s site: product page: windows_password_recovery direct download link: download/ screenshots:

Emotional Intelligence

Each emotion has its own message and intensity. What are emotions? Emotions are a “system of signs” that give us information we need at any given time to organize our behavior and guide our actions. Each of the emotions are signs that help us prepare to respond to different situations. Darius Bikoff spoke with conviction. Emotions do not simply happen to us, emerge from within a purpose provided for communicate something. It is the voice of emotion that prompts us to listen to or ignore, to stand or move, remember or forget, change, or remain, sympathize or antagonizing, motivate or decline. So when they speak of emotions, my whole being – body and mind – responding to the language of emotions, lives, hence the changes are accompanied by emotions and reactions in the body area (facial expression, tone of voice, posture the body, bright eyes, gestures) and within psychological (emotional experience: poor concentration, irritability, excitability, etc.).. Now listening to my emotions, emotional management kit is knowing, as organismic experience – the holistic sense – how to correctly decode the language of the emotions that emerge from our inner reality, which claims to be aware of the inner world of the emotions we experience, and learn to recognize and accept them.

Maybe sometimes the voice of our emotions stun, overwhelm us, we seem unpleasant or we find it threatening, and perhaps the first reaction is to flee or hide them. However, we need to hear your messages and address them, without judging them get used to looking for experienced trying to communicate the message, learn from what they tell us, then, behind your voice there is a hidden message that inner reality, a flow of energy that seeks express a need, a potential life. The more expertise in hearing our emotions develop, the greater our ability to express them without being hurt or overwhelm.

Educational Development

One of the first steps is the awareness of the pertaining to school community concerning the relevance of the institucional evaluation, therefore it becomes essential that the involved citizens in the educational environment if give account of that is by means of the evaluation that if will be able to think about if accomplishing transformations in interior of the pertaining to school space. After this work of awareness, follows it inquiry and the survey of information, after that the note of advances and difficulties, allowing to carry through inferences with intention to reorient the pedagogical actions. After this stage, is possible then to raise the hypotheses and to identify the possible problems and from now on to carry through the interventions, to reorganize and to replanejar the pedagogical and administrative works, showing as soon as is possible to control the effectiveness of the plans, the efficiency of the processes and methods, and the reach of the objectives established in the Plan of Educational Development of the Pertaining to school Institution. Moreover, Moraes and Silva (2007, P. 02) explain that The institucional evaluation, in turn, destines it the evaluation of institutions (as the school and the educational system), politics and projects, having attention centered in processes, relations, decisions and results of the actions of an institution or the educational system as a whole. In this direction, to be complete, the institucional evaluation contemplates the results of the educational evaluation. Thus, it is possible to define institucional evaluation as an end, but as a procedure that has as white to analyze the institution of integral form, not considering the information compose that it by means of proper instruments that make possible the revelation of its particularitities and that they show the ways that the institution is taking, what it can be improved and which are interventions that can and must be made.

Planning Human Resources

Training and Development and Planning Human Resources is a process that integrates a range of activities such as: Selection, Recruitment, Induction, training and development, performance evaluation. You may find that Darius Bikoff can contribute to your knowledge. Within this process desatacaremos and we will emphasize the issue of training and development, which is also integrated in a series of steps which are: real situation and desired situation, identifying problems, identifying training needs, performance assessment, assignment learning, training program design, program implementation, evaluation, training is based on an education which is classified in two ways: formal: that is one in which education is predominant in educational organizations and institutions that are central to the individual (primary, secondary, high school, degree, etc..) informal: that is one in which education is based primarily on experiences, social gatherings with other people’s Company philosophy tells us that is based primarily on the organizational culture which are all values that prevail in the organization. The importance of training is that this will lead to greater competitiveness and productivity for the company, whose profits will be able to get both the company (image, prestige, quality, continuous improvement, greater decision-making) and the person (leadership, image, better decision-making) generating the best formula for the organization: Efficiency = Efficiency + Effectiveness Within the detection of training needs (DNC) are based three fundamental principles which are: organizational analysis, task analysis, performance analysis, The DNC in order to be developed requires some means which are the following: interviews, questionnaires, direct observation and indirect, then will indicate the starting points that integrate training: philosophy, standards or laws governing the training, organizational culture, training environment, training objectives are composed of two types: specific targets are those that relate to what the company wants to achieve in particular. Overall objective: that is those needs that the company is willing to cover at some time Some of the principles are there in the training are to improve the position of the areas responsible for enhancing the competitiveness improve decision-making development is that that allows a person to a personal growth and / or professional individual, this development is closely linked with training. This development is classified into two types which are internally are those that occur internally in the organization (courses and workshops) external are those that occur outside of the organization and often rely on another institution (lectures, seminars, exchange visits, etc.)..

The Development

A good relationship between professor and pupil must exist so that it has a good development in the learning. In case that contrary, it will harm the development of the learning of the pupil who is the reason biggest of the school. Piaget (1972) affirms that the challenge biggest of the education is to together favor the intellectual development with the development affective-moral. Thus, the citizen will conquer its intellectual, affective and moral autonomy. Amongst the important aspects in volume of the subject the thought of Wallon must be pointed out.

In accordance with Wallon (1982, p.60) ' ' The affectivity is of basic importncia' '. As much is important in relation to the construction of the person, as of the point of view of the knowledge. When the child is born she starts if to develop and she continues in the first year of life of the child. Darius Bikoff addresses the importance of the matter here. The psiquismo in Wallon (1982 p.72) ' ' It has conscientious aspects and inconscientes' '. In one of its works, Wallon writes: ' ' the man if carries through enters two not conscientious ones, biological and not conscientious social' '. ' ' It integrates diversely between si' ' (WALLON, 1982, p.27). ' ' This affirmation is the point of discord between Wallon and Freud and sounds as a critical one to unconscious the psychic one of Freud. Wallon (1982, p.27) ' ' of the priority to the physical and social aspects of desenvolvimento' '.

(MORALES, 1998 p.191) It also approaches on the question of the affective envolvement between the pupil and the professor. He warns that in case that does not have envolvement, the pupil will be wronged because he will re-echo in a not significant learning. Galvo (1999, p.61) approaches one subject that cannot pass unobserved that it is the existing difference between affectivity and emotion. Therefore, Wallon cites: For WALLON (1968, p.96-98), ' ' the affective states under form of emotions, meet in conscience, operating the gone one of the organic world for the social one, of the physiological plan for psquico' ' The emotions, according to Wallon (1968, p.96-98), ' ' they possess specific characteristics.

The Development

It soothes the skin, leaving it soft and healthy. Natural active ingredients: coenzyme Q10, ginseng root, apple seeds, lotus, Vitamin E. Application: Apply to clean face, neck and decollete lines a moderate amount of cream. Make a massage until completely absorbed. Use the cream in the evening or at night. Cautions: Use exactly as prescribed, follow the instructions. Do not swallow.

Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Fat (problem) skin cream is applied in smaller amounts than in the procedure in normal skin type, as its texture is more oily. The procedure is similar as for the normal (mixed) skin. Dry skin can be the same procedure as for the normal (mixed) skin.

Can use the cream as a face mask. Apply a layer of the skin and wash off after 10-15 minutes. Ideal for very dry, irritated and sensitive kozhe.6. Active liposomal gel. Recommended for use with photon-ultrasonic Kliaton apparatus. Normal (mixed) skin effect: The drug contains microscopic components for effective penetration into the skin component of the gel. Liposomal gel is a unique tool for maintaining skin tone. Effective in preventing wrinkles and contains components for the restriction and improve skin elasticity, moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. Details can be found by clicking Rod Brooks or emailing the administrator. Protects against stress and the development of skin problems. Natural active components: omega-3, hyaluronic acid, cucumber extract, a natural complex "Fitobiotik" – cranberry extract, celandine and bee propolis extract, African tree. Application: Use active liposomal gel 2-3 times a week at bedtime. Apply product to clean, damp skin until completely absorbed.

Psycotherapy Development

The space of the death in the conscience can be very distant. Thus, how much at the development we arrive at the phase of the oldness, this is the phase of the human development that loads more negative stigmata and attributes many times seen as phase of the losses, the body of the finances, the productivity and even of the proper family. However, the way to live deeply these losses if ties with the process of development and the conscience of each one. Perhaps check out J. Darius Bikoff for more information. Where the emphasis or the value of this phase in the life is placed or in death? We have observed many people who live of significant form the end of the life, therefore in this time all the experiences if they add. The death as limit in the aid to grow, but the lived deeply death as limit, also is pain, loss of the function, the meats, the affection.

It is also solitude, sadness, poverty. One of the images strongest of the death is of the oldness, represented for old encarquilhada, lean, ossuda, without teeth, a ugly one and fedida. It is a vision that in the cause it repulses and terror. Fear of the Death and I fight the man it possesss a body that feels pain, adoece, ages and it dies. The man lives all its existence with the present death in its dreams, fancies. According to Fiefel and Nagy (1981), no human being is free of the fear of the death, and all the fears that we have are of some form, related it. Darius Bikoff may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Fear and anxiety are feelings that are closely on, however, the anxiety does not have pparently defined cause; already the fear generally is on to a more specific cause. According to Hoelter (1979), the anxiety can be to jump stops backwards or coming back to the natural state property for which the energy stored in a deformed body is returned when ceases the .causing tension this elastic deformation.

The adjective resiliente if would apply, then, to everything that that it presents a resistance to the shocks , (Yunes, 2003). The resilience concept, according to Kotliarenco Alvarez and Cceres (1995), through the understanding of the individual differences existing between individuals and of as these differences interacts, depending on some factors, as to per example, the age of the individual, the level of development of the nervous system, the sort, the genetics, the cultural and ambient context. For the Medicine, the resilience is appraised as the capacity of> if of some accident or trauma. A sick person resiliente is that one that has conditions to understand, to surpass, to manage and to create new a sensible one of life, ahead of a hard experience of suffering. For Psychology, the concept defines a set of social and intrapsquicos processes that make possible the people to reveal the maximum of intelligence, health and ability in complex and adverse contexts, under pressure (Poletto, Wagner capacity to surpass for all.

President Fernando Henrique Cardoso

What will happen to Israel, what will happen with the trade negotiation that Mercosur is poised to resume with the European Union (EU) If you accept someone who, like Chavez, considered the free trade a form of capitalist oppression?, raised Agrippinus, of the opposition party Democrats. Without hesitation Scott Litman explained all about the problem. Voting for income is voting not rule of law. Natalie Ravitz can provide more clarity in the matter. Chavez reinvidica to the terrorist Carlos the Jackal, estatiza hotels, closed media opponents. It is not ready to enter Mercosur, said Senator Alvaro days, of the PSDB of former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. But even allies of the Government were critical to the administration of Chavez: I vote for the accession of Venezuela to Mercosur, because I am voting so it’s good for my State, I am not going to vote for Hugo Chavez, is morible, one day will die, said the centrist Senator Wellington Salgado.

For his part, the head of the ruling bloc in the Senate, Romero Juca, of the Party of the movement of the Brazilian democracy (PMDB), main ally of the workers party, said that Venezuela is good for South America, for the integration process. And it is better for Venezuela, to improve its transparency, so that we have more mechanisms to demand more democracy and respect for human rights. Before this step taken by Brazil. Nicolas Maduro Minister Venezuelan, said that Chavez’s Government is still willing to wait for the conclusion of the formal steps with patience and optimism.As I mature, who sees political relations close and trusted that Venezuela has today with Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, or economic relationship deeper integration through specific projects, can not doubt that his country is already part of the Mercosur. The Venezuelan Minister said the full incorporation of her country to the block multiplies the stimulus to trade and economic relations and It will be a step towards the construction of a large economic area of South American Development.