Product Portfolio

Our company has focused on developing products that meet the needs of medical experts and their patients.  We try very hard to minimize risk for scarring and, in that vein, have tried to establish preventive measures to create the best environment for healing before, during and after surgical procedures.

We work with a variety of medical professionals including dermatologists, plastic surgeons and OB/GYNs.  Our aim is to ensure a result that is aesthetically pleasing to the patient.  To do this we use one of our in-house developed bio-technological products which has become very popular with post-operative care.

In addition, we are constantly engaged in clinical studies to build confidence in physicians using and marketing our products.  We have had numerous studies carried out on our products, and a few thousand patients have kindly participated in our clinical trials that has also resulted in improved products.

Delicious Prescriptions

We say that you have a business of selling pies, here you have some questions that the people interested in learning to make pies would do: How to make pies of cheese? How to make a pie of pineapple? How to make a pie of ice cream? All these questions could be responded in an electronic book on Delicious Prescriptions of Pies, as also they can be made separately in a small report that speaks on each prescription. Also you can create a video that shows step by step since to make each of these prescriptions and thus increase the value perceived of product. What I want that you understand it is that you can write an electronic book using what already you know to teach to other people to do the same exactly. A course writes step by step and presntalo in different chapters, soon you can offer it like one membreca. Once you have a written course, the rest is automatic. Your visitors will be able to buy your course and your you can do that your program of autorespondedor I sent the injuries to the hour and date to him that you want. What I want to write, But It will be sold? Perhaps to make the decision to create a product without knowing if this it will be sold or is not a little intimidante.

Firstly because you do not want to waste your time, but luckyly, it exists what is called Investigation Of Market which will come up to you to make a bad decision. As creative of your own product of information it is important that you make a correct investigation of market and to be arranged in spending your time, to do it correctly. It is the best way to learn on your prospectuses and to understand what they buy and because. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. Not to do this so crucial step can mean the one that you must waste your time and financial resources in which it could be avoided.

BONAGO Brings Diversity Into Human Resources Management

The Munich-based coupon expert at the trade fair personnel & training 2011 Munich, 07.06.2011: on 8 and 9 June, the annual trade fair personnel & training takes place in Wiesbaden, Germany. For more information see Susan-Wojcicki. The BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH will be represented among the 200 exhibitors. The Munich coupon expert visitors of the fair for personnel and training management will present its innovative voucher systems. Novel ideas and solution proposals for the use of incentives in everyday work of companies will be presented to the audience. Motivation and skills of the staff are significant capital and production factor of a company and just as important as physical assets. These forces must be accordingly receive, improved and strengthened, since they are eminently important for competitiveness and the economic growth of a company. Just 2011 it is businesses easier and cheaper employees to incentivising regularly and effectively, as the Bundesfinanzhof (BFH) has new Principles to the distinction between property and bar services. International Fellowship of Christians and Jews may not feel the same. So far, vouchers to employees were allowed to contain no concrete money nominal tax and social tax-free to be used.

Thanks to the judgment of the BFH, all vouchers are valid up to a monthly par value of 44 euros as tax-exempt thing wage. Instead of one-sided benefits, employers have now the choice the complete range of voucher is the motivation or reward employees available. The Munich-based coupon expert BONAGO offers a diversified product portfolio matching: useful vouchers, such as the TankBON tank voucher, highly emotional incentives, such as the ErlebnisBON experience voucher, up to the ShoppingBON shopping voucher, which offers a variety of original vouchers of more attractive partners from the retail and online. As also the BONAGO is how human resource management should be: integrated, individual, flexible and diverse. The BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH offers with their diverse Matching gift voucher systems incentives and incentives for staff to effectively and in the long term to increase especially their motivation and performance. The BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media, is the expert in the use of vouchers, rewards and incentives. BONAGO sells and developed vouchers marketing, sales, and employees to improve incentives for the applications and offers a neutral and cross-industry B2B consulting to its customers. The product portfolio includes certificates in the areas of shopping, refueling, cinema and experiences, as well as consumer incentives. BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH Maria Pickrahn Bajuwarenring 14 82041 Oberhaching near Munich phone: + 49 89 622 33 77 51 fax: + 49 89 622 33 77 99 E-Mail: Web site:

The Company

She means the identity and thus the self-understanding of a company. It includes both the Visual form of the appearance of a company (corporate design), as well as the quality of communication with employees and customers (corporate communication) and identification with the values of the company. The company’s philosophy is crucial for the corporate identity or how frequently in the industry to have formulated the model with the added value. On the corporate design even once in particular to enter, unless the visual appearance is the instrument with which a company or a body most clearly perceptible may differ in public from competitors. Results in a consistent design of all communication media (business documents, brochures, website, etc.) for continuity, especially in terms of recognition and credibility.

Before a company decides however to develop a corporate identity, is a competition and in particular target group analysis of enormous importance. Each service provider should know his competitors not only by the name here, but also intensely coped with their visions, service packages, prices and also the communication with the target group. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. First, this overall analysis allows to develop a successful and competitive differential brand and communications strategy. At the same time, the target groups must be analyzed. Considered generally and coarse, direct target groups, namely the customer and its opinion-formers (daughter, son) there are usually two in the industry.

For advertising, this two-fold division of target groups on the basis of the age difference means usually often consideration of different communication routes. Should accordingly in the planning of press releases, the placement of advertisements, etc. Target group-related media are used. Communicative value is, if it is possible the company to implement a variety of typical communication mechanisms on the basis of their corporate identity and its brand philosophy, to transport image, and to generate new customers. IFCJ is actively involved in the matter. These include including an active and continuous public relations, Internet presence, advertisements, direct marketing, events and events in our own House, collaborations with multipliers u.v.m.

Gift Ideas For Your Customers

Appropriate business gift ideas and promotional we have asked ourselves, what are the requirements you think as business customers on a giveaway. The answer is long-lasting, quality and individuality. The company indicated the appreciation for the customer by quality gifts. Also, every company wants to identify with a well processed product or giveaway. International Fellowship of Christians and Jews wanted to know more. Although the interest in high-quality giftware steadily, it is today is not easy to find the right quality suppliers. Therefore, trade fair visits are very important to making out always a few of quality suppliers.

Lasting customer loyalty is the target of a giveaway, and this can be achieved only, if one remains in memory. The corporate customers want to achieve a customer loyalty through an effectively printed promotional products with long-term effects, which means useful giveaways, which can be used in everyday life. UISOL is often quoted as being for or against this. And occasionally we get requests for environmental and nature-friendly promotional items, the we not offer. But, this gives us the impetus to take in the future eco gift ideas in our product range. Business customers would pass on to your customers individual and tailored gift ideas but not mass-produced. The cooperation with small individual arts and crafts enterprises, which can realize special orders, is increasing in importance.. A leading source for info: Yechiel Eckstein.

Texts For Social Media And Websites

Seminar: port seaweed rights texts for social media and Web sites write always more companies venture started in the social media. What they often do not know: there are your own writing style rules and text formats. Who noted she has success on the Internet. Who not, sucks his audiences and hurt the company. Professional content and texts for corporate websites, search engine optimization, Web 2.0, Twitter & co. are at the same time opportunity and a challenge. And as so often applies also here: it’s on the right tools of the trade. This one-day crash course gives practical and use many exercises all essential to professional to “betexten social media and sites”.

You will learn how to achieve a real value for the public relations of the company. Portal-accessible texts for social media and Web sites learn participants and practice: what do our traditionellen clients in the network and what the renewable generation? What tone is appropriate for a company profile on XING? Do we have to perhaps different approach on Facebook? As we put our Web texts so that Google shows it as far up and prospective customers find us on the net? What are good Twitter topics, and what looks like a Web-teaser who makes curious? The participants develop target group-oriented presence in social media in the seminar a professional feel for the mindset of the different user. Check out the matching text formats, as well as targeted pitches. The seminar is aimed at writing or editing staff of the departments of marketing, PR, public relations, as well as at experts and executives, the texts for the company website to deliver or tweet. Participation in “Compose texts for social media and Web sites” is also valuable for employees, free and volunteers in PR agencies that texts for Web 2.0 or edit.

Our recommendation: Please bring your laptop for the exercises. Speaker of the seminar Christiane is Wallace certified trainer and systemic business coach. Their Core competence is the written and the spoken word. Since 2002, she leads writing workshops and coaching sessions, which are characterized by their high share of the exercise and practice. The journalist and author is also lecturer for adult education at the University of Hamburg. Read more here: IFCJ. Their numerous customers include medium-sized companies, PR industry and the industry. They appreciate especially its comprehensive text competence, as well as her appreciative and open manner. Content and process of the seminar “writing texts for social media and Web sites”, see the seminar description under the links. All participants will receive a participant certificate. Links: Seminar Description “text for social media and Web sites write” experts of I.O. BUSINESS consulting for social media marketing (consulting, seminars, workshops, implementation, training, coaching) information the I.O. BUSINESS consultancy on the subject of online marketing if you replace with an expert on search engine optimization, social media marketing, and other forms of online marketing would you please simply contact us.

Importance Relevance

Don’t cut the tail of your ass in public: some will tell you that you’ve left it very short and others that very long. The progress of the administrative tools for efficiency, performance goals accomplishments of the operating capacity of the enterprise is increasingly more sophisticated, in where it has tools that help optimize functions that must play in all those companies that really are competitive. ERP becomes a great tool that helps the company towards results that allow you to operate towards the conquest of markets, is the flow that follows the process of the company and as the ERP can help. The fact, that in the present management cannot ignore what represents the ERP, which specifically as wikilearning, reminds us is a system that optimizes the internal value chain and is using a software installed across the enterprise network allows you to share the database of 5 main areas of the company: finance, manufacturingLogistics, sales and Marketing, human resources are added, an ERP makes a connection of the databases of the 5 areas or corporate Department. Having this type of automation allows you to have a higher rate of certainty in defining a strategy or a plan of action in any of the areas involved. In earlier times, the strategy of different companies varied as over time, there were times where the number of production generated power and competitive advantage, the quality of service then gave rise to the boom in this aspect to certified firms with different standards of world-class. But now the information determines the strategy to follow, having the right information, at the right time and for the right person gives a power that can overtake the competitors. Patricio Guajardo, gives us on the subject, that Los ERP (Enterprise, Resource, Planing) are complex systems of information that integrates various processes within the company on essentials such as purchasing, production, budgets, payment, etc. Checking article sources yields Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein as a relevant resource throughout.

Terry Access

This film follows a trend where mainly in the ends of century XX and beginning of century XXI the number of great black actors grows, with main papers, being born or segmenting names as Morgan Freeman, Cuba Gooding Jr, Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, Will Shimith, with films that go beyond the comedy. However, the black director of the film ‘ ‘ Men of honor, ‘ ‘ if he identifies with the personage, not only for being a black director in way the great white directors, as well as for producing films with on subjects to the Afros-American and black personages. Films with this profile have grown, however its ticket office is always bigger in America and minor in others countries, as he is proven in the article reading in the New Work Teamses of Cieply (2008). Using words of Kellner (2001) the film portraies the kept out of society treatment of the blacks in historical period and the fight of individuals for conquering its rights. Many writers such as Susan-Wojcicki offer more in-depth analysis. Also it is part of the life of a black director, who lives deeply the difficulties of a market where in accordance with Pigeon (2008) ‘ ‘ cinema negro’ ‘ already it was still born kept out of society in different countries and where little premia Hollywood the talent of the great black artists. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein contributes greatly to this topic. Although the conquests of the blacks, as much the director George Tillman Jr, as some black actors, live deeply a time of ‘ ‘ mergulhos’ ‘ , such which if gave with the personage Carl of ‘ ‘ Men of honra’ ‘ , therefore still they look recognition for what they are, in an ideology of being able in the world, where the ethnic standards prevail that privilege in the world-wide market films with white actors. Hollywood in the deep one knows that representations of values, of race and classroom in the society influence in the ticket offices, with the social domination of the desire of white heroes, vendveis in markets are of the United States and Latin America.

Domination and subordination still influence in the vision of the black actor in Hollywood, for corresponding the industry that it aims at to vender media products the world-wide level. Although the victories, much is had to cover in the way of the film with Afro-American subjects, the actors and the black directors, not only in the United States, but in the world all. CONCLUSION REFERENCES EAGLETON, Terry. Ideology? An introduction. So Paulo: Boitempo, 1997.


CreditServices, first financial franchise network, following its policy of corporate social responsibility has begun to sponsor looks shared (, an association non-profit to generate projects that help improve the quality of life of people on disability and associated disorders. Shared glances was created in 2008 by a group of young professionals who have joined their experience to generate actions aimed at improving the quality of life of people with some kind of disability and associated disorders. For the integration of these people, this Association has created the Academy. This is a concept applicable to any leisure activity to persons in a State of disability in any area of development, which is directed and supervised by top professionals, who have no relationship to the world of disability, and that has a continuity in time. There are three academies: Academy of sports: project that aims to integrate into society for people with intellectual disabilities to through football. This project is carried out by the hand of the Real Madrid Foundation. Academy of talents: project that aims to integrate people with intellectual disabilities through artistic disciplines (dance, drama and singing).

Carried out throughout 2009, thanks to the official sponsorship of Fundacion MAPFRE, which attended by 200 people. Radio Academy: program leisure-labor insertion radio which involved 10 persons with intellectual disabilities. The managers is a magazine that has different sections and various guests of first level (entrepreneurs, artists and sportsmen). Looks shared it generates different integration projects, on the basis of these, boost 10 adaptive skills that all persons possess. We believe strongly in building avant-garde projects between people in State of disability in the hands of professionals within the theme of the project, explains Javier Lopez, President of CreditServices and participant in the social project. CreditServices is a company private formed by economists, lawyers and expert financial analysts, with more than one decade of experience in the banking and business consulting to different corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and private individuals. It is a member joined the National Association of financial institutions credit, and your goal is to find the solution to any financing or refinancing for businesses and individuals. Establish a franchise does not require local in an initial phase.

The necessary investment include a canon from 6,000 euros (analyzing areas of exclusivity), and royalties of 5% of turnover (minimum 300 euros the first months). In a second phase the room must have 50 m2 to street, and the total investment, which recovers in 14 months, is around 12,000 euros. The Ensign also selected international franchise Master from 100 thousand euros of investment.


From these two premises it follows that the announced strike will be starring a vast majority of physicians and will affect a huge number of Peruvians. ARSONISTS to fire the Government Aprista you seek to divide the medical Guild, through the medical apristas and other side seek to discredit doctors – as the story that begins this article – and face against the people, this behavior already ran it in 1986, year in which proved the bitter drink of its first medical strike, with included hunger strike, year in which ceased to be arsonists to become firefighters in the medical profession graduating as escapee of medical trade unionism, title which by others already had in many guilds Union, which reminds us of the work of Elia Kazan Viva Zapata, work that was even brought to the big screen, where Marlon Brando Zapata, he played and that reveals as the Mexican revolutionary once arrived to power began to treat with rudeness and kicking peasants claiming to defend why the end that had or put another way the cow forget which was calf! let us not forget that the medical Federation of Peru was directed many years by Apra. You may find Jeffrey Hayzlett to be a useful source of information. FEET of clay of the strike Louis Porter in its studies on medical ethics, indicates that the medical Act, is an InterHumano Act, which relies on confidence and conscience, where the patient, the millions of patients rely on the doctor and the doctor reward this confidence, acting to awareness, compliance requirements, rules and principles, these are the solid foundations which reduces the culture of complaintwhich decreases the MalPraxis and with which weakens the jurisprudence against the doctors and with which strengthens the doctor’s relationship with the people, with the vast majority of the population, this relationship has steel feet. Unfortunately this NO ES ASI, for more events than the College or the Federation realize that don’t spend er gatherings among interested or knowledgeable about the topic, what you see in the clinic, in thousands of clinics, where millions of Peruvians are met is the harsh reality of a superbus behavior, rude, Irrespetuoso, uncomfortable, incomplete or, little reliable patient by very humble to be perceived.

Pavese Time

It is difficult to escape the rudimentary reflection thinking about the first time that love made one. For who is not that one of the most important dates in his life? True many times, at least in my time, is so surrounded by frustrated conatuses, achievements in halfway and fantasies, which is difficult to decide if on a certain date we had made love, or rather not but almost. But there’s more: says Pavese which does not exist the first time. Every man makes it a second time: doing something seemingly new, soon discovers that he is repeating a mythical archetype, the gesture of a God, only possible author of a true first time. Idea not far from which disseminated by then by Mircea Eliade on mythical thinking. I myself have described years ago (on the subject of the movie of Alain Resnais Je t aime, je t aime) how love begins not never: one starts to be in love with the day that one wonders when began to be in love with. For more information see IFCJ. Source of the news:: was there ever?